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I was lucky to meet Karen Davies last year at the Scandinavian Cake Show in Sweden where she was demonstrating her new silicone fondant moulds and on my regular browsing through my favourite sugarcraft supply sites, my eyes spotted the new and very sweet cupcake moulds from Karen Davies along with the text:

“Many cake decorators enjoy making and decorating cup cakes – the latest cake fashion. But – when the order comes in for 100 – you realize that’s a lot of baking, icing, and flower making etc. Our new moulds help you by doing several jobs in one go. By using our moulds, you have the decorated cup cake top in one easy action”.

I could not agree more 🙂 Sometimes it is ok to take the short cut 😉 and here you get both the fondant disc and top decoration all in one go, now that is easy! What I also like is that with small flowers, butterflies, shimmers, glitters, edible pearls ect you can make the cupcakes even more stylish and personal.


I even think that the cupcake moulds could be used as a “quick” decoration on cookie lollys as well. So if you are looking for some sweet and adorable silicone moulds to make cupcake, cookie and cake decoration easy then please take a look at the moulds from Karen Davies.

Happy Caking


Note: The cupcakes on the photos is not made by me but made by Karen Davies Sugarcraft LTD.


  1. Louise, I thought I saw on your site letter molds that were new and easier to use. They popped right outl.  Could you help. Thanks

  2. hey dear,
    this is the 1st time iv read d cake journal…n im loving it… itz very helpful n encouraging… i dnt bake much… excpt on b’dayz… lil bit of cakes, cookies n very rarely breads… u c im based in India… n i come frm a traditional family wer not much of baking is done… so a place like dis is of gr8 help… thx a ton…


  3. I loved the cupcakes with the dondant roses on top. i am now learning to work with fondant and had no idea how to paste in onto my cookies. the problem is that my cookies have sugar powder on top. do you think the piping gel will work?
    [email protected]

  4. Jennifer: You dust the mould with cornstarch, take a piece of rolled fondant, roll it into a ball and flatten it a nit and place it in the mould so that is fit. Very easy!

  5. Beautiful! I read your comments before asking if they were in the US and found them at Global Sugar Art. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Danielle Moore: I am pretty sure that you can get them from Global Sugar Art. They do stock Karen Davies other products. You can always send a email to them.

  7. THANKS Louise. Can these molds be purchased in the US? So I would like to take a chocolate mold and use gum paste or fondant instead. What do you suggest I do?
    Teddy Bear: I made a mini teddy bear inspired by Louise. It wa cute but not as cute as Louise’s. I really need a tip. I apologize for asking so much.

  8. well i did another teddy and used butter cream that had been in the fridge for about 45mins/1hr and it turned out super, a bit hard on the wrist but well worth it, thanks a million for the advise, im delighted as i love these teddys!!!!!

  9. thats super louise thanks, im literally just 3 months into this wonderful world of cake decorating so have heaps to learn and your site is amazingly helpful, thank you again….

  10. dpotter: Ahh but you just paint that instead of using different sugar paste. But a little bit of tylo powder could help the problem if the sugar paste is too sift.

    For the teddy fur, I have had that same problem and to me it was when the icing was very soft. It is a pain to pipe all that fur but a little more stiff icing makes the difference. I do remember that Kadren did mention this issue in one of her books or a magazine?

  11. i know its off topic but can i ask your advise please, i got a teddy bear tin and made the gorgeous teddy cake but when it came to decorating it like your one with the fur i found the icing melted together and wouldnt come out in strands, ive done it twice, once with buttercream and once with royal icing and use the grass tip, any idea where im going wrong?

  12. i did, you know when its like a teddy or something and you use different colours for the nose and ears, they always seem to stick to the mold….. maybe the sugar paste was too soft or something….?

  13. hey, i have some silicone molds but find the sugar paste sticks in the smaller areas, what do you use to stop this happening?

  14. I just came across your blog from The Hungry Housewife and holy moly… this is some serious decorating! You are awesome! Maybe one day I can be 1/4 as good! 🙂

  15. Pat: Now and then I do mix fondant & gumpaste in the ratio: 60/40 and that works ok. The taste of it depends of course on what brand you use.

    Becky: Well that just made me edit the post so that it says fondant moulds 😉 You know stock Karen Davies moulds, I just dont know if they have the new cupcakes one at the moment?

    Elaine: There are links to Karen’s website in the post.

  16. What a wonderful idea! I volunteer to cater school events at cost and these would make 300 cupcakes go so much faster! What si the website?
    I always enjoy reading your blog, it makes my day a little brighter!

  17. I was clueless about what these were, as in the US, our silicone moulds are for putting the batter in and then baking (which actually scares me. I’d prefer using glass or aluminum).

    It wasn’t until I read Karen’s site that I realized the moulds are for the FONDANT decorations! What a fabulous idea!!! Sadly, I have 100 cupcakes due on Saturday and no time to order these. But I will order them for future use. I hope she ships to Texas 🙂

    Thank you, Louise, for all your great ideas!!!

  18. Hi… These are so cute. I would love to order some but have a question. It states that fondant/sugarpaste is too soft to use on it’s own. However, fondant and gumpaste doesn’t sound too yummy. What do you recommend Louise? Want it to taste good and be pretty. Pat

  19. Karen: Thank you. I think that they are going to be a hot seller at the NEC Cake show this year.

    Mara: That is also a good trick to make them. What I really like about Karens cupcake moulds is that it all come in one 🙂 I have two of her other moulds a teddy and a rabbit and the quality is great.

  20. I have been doing something like that for the past 18 months, I cut my disc out a little thicker and then press the center into a silicone mold or a chocolate mold and get my little decorations. This is a time saver, I’d like to order some..

  21. Hi Louise, I am glad you like my cup cake top mould idea. We have six designs at the moment but will add more in time. They are my favourite moulds to use.

  22. LOVELY! Thank you Louise for sharing, you are an inspiration! I am now taking my cake baking into another level, thanks to you!


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