Being told that you are a good baker or cook is a great feeling. You want people to enjoy your food as much as you enjoy making it. This means when you receive a compliment your work has really paid off.

Every baker has their signature dish but one that is a favorite with millions is the Victoria sponge cake. This traditional cake has many variations, secret know hows and never really tastes as good as that one your mom made that one day when you were young.

If you want to impress your granny, mother, spouse, children, friends and colleagues with your cooking skills you need to be able to serve them a piece of scrumptious and tantalizing Victoria sponge cake.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Photo by Carwyn Lloyd Jones / CCO BY

Here’re some top tips for preparing a mouth-watering Victoria Sponge Cake:

Have The Right Equipment To Hand

To enjoy cooking and baking, you need a kitchen that has everything you need in it. Baking becomes fun when you are baking in a well-made, fun and elegant kitchen. You can easily find your cooking ingredients, pots, pans, spoons, and glasses, etc. and still have room for all the baking.

To enjoy that luxury you need to invest in modern and glamorous kitchens such as the ones provided by Ramsbottom Kitchen Company which can add an unusual charm to your entire house. What better way to perfect the Victoria sponge than with a fantastic kitchen to create it in?

Stick To The Ingredients

Whenever you prepare something, it’s important for you to stick to the main ingredients if you want to get that authentic flavor and texture. The most important ingredients which are required for preparing Victoria sponge include flour, soft butter, eggs, caster sugar, vanilla extract, and raspberry jam, etc.

In addition to this you can add icing sugar and cream to make it look extra fancy for a certain occasion.

Use The Correct Measurements

Another important thing that you must consider while preparing your cake is that you should be using the ingredients in right quantities. Even if you add an ingredient slightly more or less, you will find a drastic change in the taste. For example, you cannot add more eggs and vanilla extract in your batter just because you think that it will enhance the taste. If you do so, it will come out runny and maybe even overpowered with a vanilla taste.

So make sure that along with sticking to the right ingredients you also use them in the right quantities.

Pay Attention To The Consistency Of The Batter

The consistency of your batter matters a lot, so use sufficient milk to get it right. It should be thick as well as fluffy rather than being too watery. Sometimes to add extra fluff to the recipe it is okay to have pockets of flour but you want to make sure that the mixture is even above all else.

Make Sure To Preheat The Oven

While baking, ensure that the oven is preheated to 350F/180C so that the cake can be baked correctly. If you fail to preheat the oven, you might not get good results when it comes to getting a perfect sponge cake.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will surely be able to serve a perfect piece of Victoria sponge cake to your loved ones, sat in the most beautiful kitchen.