chrysanthemum cookies

Since I am a big fan of fondant, I don’t use royal icing a lot in cake or cookie decorating. But sometimes, I like to change things up a bit and use royal icing to come up with new techniques and designs 🙂

Today, I am sharing a tutorial for these simple chrysanthemum cookies, made with royal icing.

To make these cookies, you will need the following supplies:

Large round cookies (at least 3 inch diameter)
Purple royal icing (or any color you like)
Tip 101
Piping bag
Chocolate sprinkles

And these are the steps:

Step 1:
Attach the coupler and  Tip 101 to your piping bag. Fill your bag with purple royal icing.

Keep in mind that Tip 101 has a wider end and a narrow end. Your tip should be positioned on the cookie  in such a way that the wider end should be facing away from you and the narrow end should be facing towards you.

I hope this picture helps …

chrysanthemum cookies 1

Step 2:
You will be piping from the outer edges of the cookie and working your way inwards.

Hold your piping bag at a 45 degree angle.

Now, squeeze your bag until icing comes out and then drag it down towards you.

Keep doing this until you have your first circle of petals.

chrysanthemum cookies 2

Step 3:
Repeat step 2 again until you have a second row of petals.

chrysanthemum cookies 3

Step 4:
Squeeze your piping bag again and pull it towards you until you have a third row of petals…

chrysanthemum cookies 4

Step 5:
And a fourth and fifth row of petals…

Don’t worry if you can’t make enough petals in the center. Make as many as you can without disrupting the surrounding petals and then let it be.

chrysanthemum cookies 5

Step 6:
Sprinkle come chocolate vermicelli sprinkles in the center of your flower immediately, before the icing has a chance to start drying.

chrysanthemum cookies 6

And you are done!

Allow your cookies to dry for at least 24 hours or until the icing hardens and then, enjoy! 🙂

chrysanthemum cookies 9

I hope you liked this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone!