Baking Basics

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Are you new to baking and cake decorating? Have you been stalking baking and cake decorating websites but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve baked some recipes found on Pinterest but they never turn out like the pictures? If that’s true, this post is for you!

Over at Craftsy, you can take The Wilton Method: Baking Basics with Beth Somers and learn so many cake baking and decorating basic skills that will help you improve your cake baking skills!

First, you will learn about the best tools and equipment to have for baking and how to get level, crumb-free cakes. The lessons are so detailed – breaking down the smallest baking tasks into easily followed instructions… things like how to measure ingredients and how to separate eggs!

Beth makes cake recipes in real-time so you can follow along and learn the perfect methods to get great textured and baked cakes. This class is really directed toward a beginning baker but I’m sure even experienced bakers could glean some tips and tricks!

The class includes the recipes for the classic yellow cake, chocolate filling and the basic buttercream frosting that is used in the video.

Stacking Cake

Beyond the baking, in the next lessons of the class, you will learn a couple of different methods for torting, filling and frosting your cakes. And if you get lost along the way, you can repeat the lesson (or lessons) as many times as needed!

If you’re still having trouble, the awesome thing about taking Craftsy classes is that you can ask questions right there in the class forum and get answers from the instructor! Isn’t that terrific!?! The answers to your problems/questions are at your fingertips!

Fun Techniques

Lastly, while this class doesn’t go into in-depth decorating (there are many, many other classes for that), you will get some basic piping instructions and a few simple techniques for making a pretty, homemade cake, including a spoon icing technique and some pointers for using pre-made gum paste decorations to make your cake unique!

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Happy Caking!