daisy cookie with royal icing

If you bake with your kids a lot at home, then this is the perfect baking tutorial for you because of it’s simplicity. If you have any experience at all working with royal icing, then you will enjoy this tutorial with making daisy cookies.

Here’s what I used to make these:

Round sugar cookies
Royal Icing
Non-slip mat
Big editable pearls
Wilton’s tip #352 (leaf tip)
Piping Bag

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Step #1:

Start off by placing a non-slip mat on your turntable and place your cookie on top of it.

Step: #2:

Hold your piping bag at a 45 degree angle and place the tip of your piping bag at the edge of the cookie and squeeze until icing comes out.

Step: #3:

Lift your piping bag and left towards you while rotating your turntable. Continue to rotate your turntable while piping and continue doing until first row of petals is complete.

Step #4:

Move turntable inverse and start making another row of petals. Squeeze, lift, and pull towards you.

Step: #5:

Continue doing until entire cookie is covered in rows of petals

Step: #6:

Place the editable pearl in the center and your done.

Make sure that you watch the step-by-step video version of this tutorial below.

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