easter egg cake bites

These blue speckled eggs look like the real thing, but are just cake in disguise. A chocolate mold does all the work to make this recipe a cinch and easy enough that kids could help too. A perfect treat for the Easter buffet and perfect to make ahead.

You will need:

Cake Pop Filling
Chocolate Egg Mold
Blue Candy Melts
Paramount Crystals
Brown Sugar Crystals
Brown Sanding Sugar

Step 1: Add sugar to the mold cavities and melt the coating

Start by adding 1/8 tsp. of each of the brown sugars to each egg cavity.


Next, microwave some blue candy coating on half power in 30 second intervals, stirring in between. Once melted, stir in some paramount crystals to thin the coating slightly so that it will be easier to paint.


Step 2: Paint a shell, fill with cake pop filling and seal

Add a scoop of melted coating to a few cavities of the egg mold and then use your paintbrush to mix the sugar into the coating. Paint the speckled coating on the inside of the cavity to create a 1/8″ shell.

Continue with the remaining cavities but remember to only fill and paint a few at a time so that you can reheat the coating as necessary. Once finished, place the mold in the fridge for 5 minutes to get firm.



Once firm, remove the mold from the fridge and press a scoop of cake pop filling into each cavity, leaving a small gap at the top for sealing. Brush some melted coating on the back of each egg to completely seal. Place the mold in the FREEZER this time for 10 minutes or so, until very firm.


Step 3: Release eggs from mold and trim

Remove the mold from the freezer and flip them out, using a sheet tray for support.


If the eggs have any rough edges, use an x-acto knife or paring knife to trim and clean the edges.