purse cupcake toppers

Girly accessories are a great addition to any cake or cupcakes. A simple purse is easy to make!

Here is what I used:

Purple and black fondant
rolling pin
triangle cutter
gum glue
zacto knife
#8 round tip

Purse1 (2) (525x441)

Step 1: 

Roll out the fondant — here I used purple. Roll it out to about a 1/8 inch. Using the triangle cutter make a cut.

Purse1 (3) (525x350)

Step 2:

Using the Zacto knife, cut the top off the triangle, about 1/3 of it.

Purse1 (4) (525x342)

Step 3:

Using the gum glue, apply a small amount to the part of the triangle you just cut off and place it onto the bigger part of the original triangle as shown in the picture below.

Purse1 (5) (525x339)

Purse1 (6) (525x350)

Step 4:

Roll out a small piece of fondant in another colour — here I used black. Roll it out to about 1/8 of an inch. Using the #8 round tip, cut out one circle (using the tip end).

Purse1 (7) (525x317)

Purse1 (8) (525x328)

Purse1 (11) (525x324)

Step 5:

Apply a small amount of gum glue to the tiny circle and place it on the purse as shown in the picture below. This will resemble a purse clasp or button for decoration.

Purse1 (12) (525x334)

Purse1 (13) (525x350)

Step 6:

Roll out a small amount of black fondant into a “worm” shape. It needs to be thin enough to resemble a purse strap. Once you have rolled it out, using the Zacto Knife to cut off a 1-2 inch piece.

Purse1 (14) (525x330)

Step 7:

Using the gum glue again, place a tiny amount onto each end of the “strap” and attach it to the purse. Allow the entire purse to dry for 10-20 minutes and then you can place it on your cake or cupcakes for decoration.

Purse1 (15) (525x330)

Purse1 (16) (525x329)

Purse1 (17) (525x350)

Happy Caking!