fondant buttons 14

Buttons look adorable on cakes and cupcakes and are great for baby showers or baby birthdays.

You can make them, using button molds or you can make them without a mold… like I did.

To make these buttons, you will need the following supplies:

Yellow, red and blue gumpaste
Rolling pin
Star cutter, heart cutter, circle cutter (various sizes)
Wooden skewers

These are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out yellow gumpaste.

fondant buttons 1

Step 2:
Use various cutters to cut out different pieces.

fondant buttons 2

Step 3:
Use toothpicks to make holes in the small pieces.

fondant buttons 3

Step 4:
And use a wooden skewer to make holes in the bigger pieces.
You can make different number of holes in the button pieces to keep them cool and fun.

fondant buttons 4

Step 5:
You can also create somewhat of a border around some of the pieces by using a big and small cutter of the same shape.
For instance, you can cut out a big flower piece.

fondant buttons 5

Step 6:
And then press a smaller flower cutter on top of it gently…

fondant buttons 6

Step 7:
And you will end up with a flower button with a border.

fondant buttons 7

Step 8:
Now, you can make holes with a wooden skewer,  to make it look more realistic.

fondant buttons 8

Step 9:
For some of the buttons, you can also add an illusion of a “stitch.”
For example, in this small heart button… use a toothpick to make holes.
Then, roll out a thin “rope-like” red gumpaste piece.

fondant buttons 9

Step 10:
Brush the holes with some water and press the “rope-like” piece between the holes so that it looks like a small stitch.

fondant buttons 10

Step 11:
Have fun with the number of stitches you want on the buttons and the number of holes you want on them.

fondant buttons 11

Allow these pieces to dry overnight and then use them on your cakes and cupcakes.

fondant buttons 12

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone! 🙂