Halloween spider web cupcakes

It’s getting close to Halloween and it’s time to starting thinking spooky with your cakes and cupcake ideas! It’s always such a great time of year for cake decorators and Paul’s personal favorite so he was delighted to be asked to film a short video tutorial here at Cake Journal with a quick and easy but very effective spooky spider cupcake.

This is one of those ideas that’s definitely fun to do with the kids around so roll up there sleeves and let them get messy! As Paul talks about in the video each spider can be a little different and why not give them each a wacky personality of there own. We hope you enjoy the video and have a great Halloween!


3 Cupcakes
Squires Kitchen soft fondant icing mix
Blackberry and Raspberry food colouring
Hot pink, black and Green sugarpaste


2 Disposable piping bags
Cocktail stick