June brings graduation season and lots of celebrations. These fun little toppers will take your cupcakes to the next level for that graduation picnic or school party.


This is what I used:
Work surface
Rolling pin
Water pen
Rolling cutter
Fondant in black, green, yellow and blue
Royal icing in a piping bag with a #1 Wilton tip
Martha Stewart Frames and Flourishes silicone mold


Step 1:
Roll out the black fondant and cut squares that are 1 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches. They don’t have to be perfect because the frames will be attached on top of them.


Step 2:
Place your desired color of fondant in the silicone frame mold. Every mold shape is different to work with. For this mold, it was helpful to start with a snake of fondant. Then press it in all the way around the frame. Then carefully trim it flush with a sharp paring knife  being careful not to damage your mold. Then smooth it out with a cornstarch-dusted finger.


Step 3:
Place the mold in the freezer for 4 minutes. Then take it out, turn it over holding it above your work surface. Bend it backwards towards you, allowing the finished frame to gently drop out on the work surface. This is what the finished frame looks like.


Step 4:
This step was the most challenging for me. Use your royal icing to neatly write some simple letters and numbers on the black fondant squares. Keep them small and centered.


Step 5:
Allow the components to dry for a few hours to overnight. Then you are ready to attach the frames to the chalkboards.


Step 6:
Use your water pen (or a small wet brush) to dampen the outer edge of the black fondant square. Then attach the colorful border by laying it on top and pressing gently.


Make these toppers three days to a week prior to your event so they will be nice and firm when placed on your cupcakes. I like to store my decorations on a parchment-lined cookie sheet while they are hardening. For longer-term storage, use a breathable cake box.

Happy Caking!