Embossing sticks and textured rolling pins


Embossing sticks and textured rolling pins are great tools to have. It gives you the opportunity to add amazing details to your fondant covered cakes and cookies. The embossing sticks are from Holly Products.

The first photo shows set 2, and the second photo shows set 10. Lately I have used them on my cookies with fantastic results. But you can also make some beautiful borders to finish off your cakes (see photo below).

When I use textured rolling pins I do not use them on the whole cake. I like to use them for smaller details. Fx. if you are to making a baby shower cake, you could use it for the baby’s blanket and/or for the bib and so on. You could also use them for borders on cakes and cookies as well.

The two larger textured rolling pins is from Jem Cutters and the smaller on is from Cuquis Design Inc. They have so many sweet designs so it is hard not to buy them all :-). In Europe you can get Cuquis Designs at CelCrafts.

On the pictures below you can see examples on what the embossing sticks and the textured rolling pins can do:

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  1. I have found the embossing rolling pins very expensive and unfortunately haven’t found the sticks. Perhaps this is a silly question but here it is anyway; Would a rubber stamp (clean of course) have the same effect?

  2. Susan:
    You use the embossing sticks and textured rolling pins on rolled fondant not royal icing. Rolle out the fondant use an embossing stick ect. and then take your cookie cutter and cut out the same shape to put on your baked cookies.

  3. Hi Louise,

    This is awesome, but I still don’t understand how we’re going to use the embossing stick & texture rolling pin to the cookies? Would you mind to give me some hints/clue? Do we have to cover the cookie 1st with the royal icing and then put the emboss stick and then bake the cookies?

    Appreciate your answer, thx:)


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