How to make a ruffled 1 tier cake stand

Styrofoam cake dummies can be transformed into sweet ruffled 1 tier cake stands. Perfect to use, if you are planning to make a vintage dessert table. Place your sweet treats like cookies and cupcakes on the ruffled cake stand or use it as a sweet display to hold your cake pops. It can be made in different heights and sizes. You could even make a 2 tier cupcake stand if you like. Simply just place a 6″ round cake dummy on a 12″ round cake dummy and you will have the sweetest ruffled cupcake stand, that would hold just about 12-13 regular cupcakes.
I hope that you will enjoy my little crafty tutorial.

This is what I used:
Round styrofoam cake dummies. You can also use square or rectangular cake dummies (I glued two 2″ round dummies together)
Craft paper + Crepe paper sheets in matching colors
White craft glue + a brush
Pencil & scissors
Double-sided tape
Needle + cotton thread that match the color of the crepe paper

Step 1:
Trace the outline of the cake dummy onto the craft paper with a pencil ad cut out with scissors.

Step 2:
Add white craft glue on the top of the cake dummy. Use a brush to smooth it out.

Step 3:
Next place the piece of craft paper on top and give it a good rub so that it stays in place.

Step 4:
Cut out long strips of the crepe paper sheets in the same height as the cake dummy + 2-3mm. Fold it down the middle so that you can see where to sew. Next, unfold the crepe paper strip and sew with a simple stitch down the middle of the crepe paper strip. Gently pull back the crepe paper to make ruffles. Close with a few stitches. Repeat making more ruffled strips until you have enough to cover all around the cake dummy.

Step 5:
Add three rows of double-sided tape all the way around the cake dummy. Then add the ruffled strips of crepe paper. Give them a light press so that they stay in place!

Step 6:
Add some double-sided tape on top of the stitch all the way around the cake dummy. Cut a piece of ribbon and place it on top of the double-sided tape.

Now you have a sweet ruffled cake stand that is ready to be used.
Tip! You can of course add more embellishments to the cake stand if you like.

Want to make more cake stands? Please see my tutorial for a sweet cupcake stand.

Happy Caking!


PS: Please see my comment below to find online shops that sells styrofoam cake dummies (US only)


  1. Wow…I had NO IDEA crepe paper came in any form other than the narrow rolls! After I posted my comments, I googled crepe paper and found the sheets. Got them in the mail yesterday and I’m about to try the project. Yey!!!

  2. Yep, I’m completely baffled. Maybe we have different sized crepe paper here? My paper is only 1-3/4″. So it’s not even as tall as one 2″ cake dummy. Am I missing something completely obvious?? Lol.

  3. I pinned this a while back to make for my daughter’s first birthday cake. I agree with Jane that Step 4 is a little confusing. At first I thought the crepe paper was supposed to be as tall/wide as two cake dummies, and mine is not. But then I read again and you used several lengths of crepe paper and attached them together to go around the cake dummy?? I guess when I dive in, I will figure it out through trial and error. Super cute, though. Can’t wait to see if mine comes out even close to yours.

    • I’m sorry if it confuse you. I have edited step 4 now. I hope that it makes more sense now? It can be a little tricky translating the tutorials into English, when my mind thinks Danish 😉

  4. This is so pretty….AND…I have a question that might be really stupid 🙁 but I don’t quite understand Step 4! I’ve been staring at the phot and re-reading the instructions….but I fold the paper in half so that I have a defined line to tell me where to sew…buta after I’ve folded it in half and unfolded it…how to I sew down the middle of the paper? Do you mean I need to keep stitching through from one side to the other and when I’m done…and I ‘unfold’ it, it’ll ‘naturally’ end up having that ruffled look? kinda like if I used fabric and then pushed the fabric along the line that was sewed and it’ll bunch together?

    Thanks alot for ur patience and explainations!

    • After you’ve unfold the crepe paper strip. You sew up and down all the way down the middle. Then gently pull to create the ruffles. Does this help?

      -I can see that I need re write the step. I try the best to explain but since I’m Danish it can be a challenge to write so that everyone understand 🙂

      • yes i understand better now! I’m still looking for crepe paper where I live. it’s super expensive and everywhere online is costly after shipping (outside of the US). will reply when I’m successful, but regardless, great job! 🙂

  5. OMG! Louise, you are the BEST! I have been trying to come up with a display for my cakes, cupcakes and cakepops that DIDN’T look like it was wobbling on styrofoam or cardboard! This is super,stable and beautiful! Please keep sharing your wonderful ideas!

  6. How awesome is this. I needed ideas for a joint birthday party for my son and daughter…..this will save me money and will look stunning. Thank you!!!!!!!

  7. You are SO clever, Louise! My sister is getting married in a barn this summer, and I am making both the wedding cake and the groom’s cake. This is PERFECT for a rustic, vintage look they want!

  8. Beautiful Louise, so creative and fabulous. I’m going to save this post so I can easily find it and make some. My local decorating stores sell cake dummies so I know I could try to make one of these.

    Also, just wanted to let you know I hit you up with a link to your blog from my blog. I’ve been subscribed to your blog for a while now and it’s become on of my faves. So, definitely link worthy!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking


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