Cupcake Stand

Our purpose here is to give you genuine piece of advice in order to prepare more good-looking and also easy-to-make desserts. Throughout the years, I came to find out that it is not only about what you serve. But, also, about how you serve your dessert. That is exactly why, I decided to teach you all how to make your own cupcake stand at home.

You just cannot disagree with me! When serving cupcakes or mini cakes, they look so much better served on a cake stand! This tutorial is so easy to follow that it makes me really excited to see how you managed it.

When you have all the materials ready it is extremely easy and quick to make. You can adapt it to the color or pattern of your sweets or just decorate it for the party it is meant to. I have used thick gift wrap paper to cover the cake boards. However, if you like you can place a 6″ cake on the top tier. Although, I would not recommend placing any larger cake on top.


Essential Materials and Tools

Essentials for Making a Cupcake Stand :

  • Cake boards: 1×8″, 1×10″, 1×12″.

Note: If you want two more tiers on the stand, you will need 1×14″ + 1×16″ cake boards.

  • Polystyrene cake dummies

Each 2″ high in the sizes: 2X6″ and 2×7″ (If you can get 4″ high cake dummies, then you will only need 1 in each size)
Note: You will need 2×8″ 2×9″ polystyrene cake dummies for two more tiers.

  • Satin ribbon, enough for both cake boards and the also for the cake dummies
  • Thick paper
  • Glue stick or double sided tape
  • Craft glue
  • Strong double sided carpet tape
  • Metal pins
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pencil

How to Make a Cupcake Stand:

Step 1: Start by glueing the cake dummies together. So they can dry completely till you will need them.
Glueing the Styrofoam Cake Dummies Together

Step 2: Secondly, take the satin ribbon, and fasten it on the cake dummies with a metal pin. Then wrap it tightly all the way around the cake dummies.

Note: You can also glue the ribbon on the cake dummies if you like. However, you should just use a glue stick.
Fasten the Satin Ribbon on the Cake Dummies

Step 3: Now, it is time to secure the satin ribbon with a metal pin or a small piece of double sided tape. Do the same thing with the rest of the cake dummies.
Securing the Satin Ribbon with a Metal Pin

Step 4: Place the cake boards on the paper and with the pencil draw a line around the cake boards. Cut out the paper circles with a pair of scissors.
Step 4 in Making a Cupcake Stand

Step 5: Rub the glue stick all over the cake board and place the paper circles on top.
Step 5
Step 5- The Result

Step 6: In order to attach the satin ribbon around the side of the cake boards use either a glue stick or double sided tape.
The Final Step in Making a Cupcake Stand

Step 7: Finally, it is time to assemble the cake stand. Remember to use strong double sided carpet tape so that the cake dummies stays in place on the cake boards.

Note: Keep in mind that you should not move the stand around too much, as soon as you have assembled it. Especially, if it is filled with cupcakes. You may have a terrible surprise!

Final Tips

  • If you are having problems finding the materials to make this cake stand, please take your time and read through the comment section. There you should be able to find links and answers about where you can buy the materials.
  • You can also cover your boards for the cake stand with rolled fondant. They would look super nice and it also is an easy-to-achieve technique!
  • Also, you can visit my tutorial section if you want to learn cake and cupcake decoration techniques so you can make fantastic creations to put on your cake stand. Afterall, this was the final purpose all along!

Happy Caking!

Now, you know how is the most good looking way to serve your delicious dessert, too. It was so simple that I cannot wait to see your final results. Do not hesitate to comment with your thoughts on this tutorial or just to show us all your masterpiece.

Finally, keep in mind that Cake Journal is the place of busy, yet super creative bakers that want to impress their loved ones. So, do not let the short spare time you have to discourage you. We will always find the easiest tips and tricks for you!