How To Make Royal Icing For Piping & Flooding

How to make Royal Icing

I have received many questions about how I make my royal icing. I make royal icing with eggwhites (pasturized) since meringue powder and dried eggwhite powder is not very common here in Denmark. Some of the cake decorating shops may have it though, but I stick to the eggwhites.

If you know how to make royal icing, but are having trouble getting it runny for flooding your cookies, this step by step instruction might be helpful to you. I can tell that I always start out with a stiff royal icing and then I thin it down with water to either soft for piping and runny for flooding.

Always remember to cover up your royal icing with either cling film or a wet cloth as this will prevent the royal icing to dry out. Also if your icing gets too thick add water or if it is too wet add more icing sugar. So here is the tutorial on how to make royal icing.

This is what I use:
2 eggwhites
2 lb icing sugar sifted (Not all may be used)
1 tsp lemon juice
Large bowl
Handheld mixer with hooks or kitchen mixer with paddle attachment
Cling film

Step 1:

Combine eggwhites and lemon juice in a large bowl. Add some of the sifted icing sugar to the mixture and start the mixer.

How to make Royal icing

Step 2:
Keep adding icing sugar a little at a time. When the mixture looks like thick whipped cream and makes soft peaks when you push down the hooks/paddle in it, you can use it for piping.

Step 3:
When you have the soft peak icing, you start to only add 2 tbsp of icing sugar at a time because from now on the icing will get more and more stiff. When you can pull out small stif peaks the icing is ready. Cover the icing with cling film and a lid or wet cloth and store it in the fridge.

Runny icing:
If you want to make runny icing for flooding cookies or making run-outs then take some royal icing (stiff made) into a bowl and start mixing it with water, a few drops at the time. Continue this until the icing it thin and liquid. It should be smoothing out when you lift the spoon. The mixing with the water will most likely cause many air bubbles in the icing, so it is always good to cover up the icing and let it “rest” for 30 min. Then give it a slow stir and you have reduced the amount of air bubbles in your icing.

As mentioned before royal icing is great for flooding cookies. See my how to flood cookies with royal icing tutorial to learn this decorating technique.

You can also visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other icings and frostings.

I hope you can use this 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. Theresa says

    will this icing melt? cos i used the same thing a few months ago and it was like sticky and look like ice cream. i wan it to be stiff after i put it on the cake. is it possible?

  2. MG says

    Louise, Hi! Is Royal Icing can hold its shaped even it is not in the refrigerator? I mean it will not be runny, when outside the fridge?

  3. Clair says

    wooohooo! success! i made this trying to “flood” a cake… and it worked, and was able to add tiger stripes effectively too…. thrilled! Thankyou so much, was so easy too! now to taste it once it sets. 😀

  4. KATHY says

    I cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful tutorials…this will help me so much getting started with all of this…i am so excited to get into all of your information as it is AWESOME AND SO ARE YOU!!!

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