Owl cake toppers

Owls have become really popular in the last couple of years for cake decorations and themes. Whether its a baby shower cake, an animal themed birthday cake, or your customer just really likes owls, these cute owl toppers are great for any cake or cupcake. They are simple and take little time to make.

Owl (1) (525x391)

Here is what you will need:

Two petal cutters (different sizes)
rolling pin
Zacto Knife
Fondant (brown, pink, white and black)
Tooth pick
round tip (I am using a #10 tip)
gum glue

Owl (2) (525x350)

Owl (3) (525x350)

Owl (4) (525x350)

Step 1:

Roll out the brown fondant to about 1/4 inch thickness. Using the larger petal cutter, make a cut. Then using the smaller petal cutter, and the rounder part of the cutter, cut a bit off of the pointy end of the already cut piece. This will make the shape of the owl’s head and ears.

Owl (5) (525x350)

Owl (6) (525x405)

Step 2:

Using the pink fondant, thinly roll out a piece. Using the larger cutter, make a cut. Then using the smaller cutter, cut the sides as shown above.

Owl (7) (525x350)Step 3:

Roll out a small piece of white fondant and using the larger end of the tip, cut out two circles for eyes.

Owl (8) (525x350)

Owl (9) (525x350)

Owl (10) (525x350)

Owl (11) (525x350)

Step 4:

Roll out a small piece of black fondant, and using the smaller end of the tip, cut out two circles. Then using the gum glue attached the black eye balls to the eyes. Then roll two really small pieces of white fondant and attach them to the eye balls with gum glue. Now you have completed the eyes for the owl.

Owl (12) (300x525)

Step 5: (optional)

Push the tooth pick half way through the bottom of the owl. This will allow the Owl to stand upright if you want. You do not have to do this step if you are making these toppers to lay flat on your cake or cupcake.

Owl (13) (525x415)

Owl (14) (350x525)

Step 6:

Using gum glue, attach the eyes and pink wings onto the front of the owl.

Owl (15) (525x350)

Step 7:

Using a tiny piece of pink fondant, create a tiny nose for the owl. Attach the nose to the owl using gum glue.

Owl (17) (525x350)

Owl (18) (525x380)

Owl (19) (350x525)Step 8:

Roll out a small piece of black fondant. Using the smaller end of the round tip, cut out two circles. Then cut the circles in half. Using gum glue attach the pieces to the bottom of the owl to create his feet. And there you go! A simple Owl.

Owl cupcake toppers

Happy Caking!