elegant flower cookies
I was playing around with fondant and some cutters a few weeks ago and came up with this elegant cookie design. So, I did a tutorial on them. This way, you can make them too 🙂

I think these would make great wedding party favors or even Spring party favors.

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To make them, you will need the following supplies:

Round cookies
Light blue fondant
Red gumpaste or 50/50
Green gumpaste or 50/50
Any impression mat (This is entirely optional)
Rolling pin
Corn syrup or royal icing
Flower cutter
Leaf cutter
Scalloped cutter
A balling tool
Foam pad
Edible black marker
White pearls

And here are the steps:

Step 1:

Start off by rolling out some light blue fondant.
Use a scalloped cutter to cut out a piece.

Step 2:

Place your impression sheet on top of it and press it hard until the pattern transfers onto your blue fondant piece.

Step 3:

Now, brush some corn syrup or royal icing on top of your cookie.
And stick this piece here.

Step 4:

Next, roll out some red gumpaste or 50/50

Step 5:

Use a flower cutter to cut out a piece.

Step 6:

Place it on a foam pad and use the balling tool to thin out the petals.

Step 7:

Use a black edible marker to draw lines in the center.

Step 8:

Brush some water in the center and stick a white pearl here.

Step 9:

Now, roll out some green gumpaste or 50/50 and use a leaf cutter to cut out a piece.
Use a knife to add details on this leaf.

Step 10:

Let’s put everything together now…
Brush some water on top of your fondant-covered cookie and stick the leaf first.

Step 11:

Then brush some water near the bottom of the leaf.
And stick the flower here.

Step 12:

Also, stick some white pearls all over the blue fondant.

And you are done!

I hope enjoyed this tutorial and make these cookies for some lovely people in your life 🙂

elegant flower cookie

Happy caking everyone!