Boxes and Bows DVD

If you have not seen any of Sharon Zambito fantastic DVD’s. Then I can only highly recommend you to do, because they are all fantastic.

She is now out with a new DVD called: Boxes and Bows. A two disc DVD set, where she shows you how to make four different package style cakes with beautiful bows to match. I am sure it will be a hit 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. I got the DVD set a couple of weeks ago and it’s great! I haven’t tried any of the cakes yet but have one planned for next month. I have 2 othere DVDs from Sharon and I just love her techniques. Highly recommend her DVDs.

  2. For Andrea:
    If you follow Louise’s recipe for marshmallow fondant, you will be eating it by the handful without the cake…it is that good. I used to buy fondant, and it tasted okay, but now I only use the marshmallow fondant recipe…it’s extremely easy to make, easy to use, it looks wonderful on a cake, and you can flavor it anyway you’d like. I’ve used marshmallow flavoring for a super marshmallow taste, amaretto flavoring and champagne flavoring. I have to use it quickly because my husband eats it, too….

  3. Andrea:Oh sorry! Use fondant on the cake. They can always peel if off if it is.

    Im not sure about the “love” you can always email her as she is always very helpful.

    Sounds great with the dvd 🙂

  4. Louise,
    You meant “why I should NOT cover with fondant”, right ?

    I am new here in Swtizerland (close to Zurich) and did not find sugar supplies yet.

    Let me know whenever you come to visit your friend here in Switzerland > )

    Regarding to the word “love” that is impressed on the cake of Ms Zambito, do we buy it at her webpage, too ?
    I am going to order the Bows DVD.
    Thanks for the tip !

  5. Andrea: Some kids peel it off and others eat it. So why not? Is it easy to buy sugarcraft supplies in Switzerland? A friend of mine have also recently moved to Switzerland.

  6. Louise,
    I have recently moved to Switzerland and am a little bit insecure to cover my daughter’s b’day cake with fondant….I don’t know if the kids will like to eat it !
    How is it in Denmark ? Do the kids accept it well ?

  7. Joanne: I am not a buttercream cake person. I prefer fondant covered cakes. but both ways can be beautiful.

    Fondant will not go hard rock if overworked. It can dry abit and then it will have too many air bubbles.

    Andrea: You can safely order from the site. So no need to worrie.

    Janet Kiesler, Maria C, Rhonda, Martha, Maria, Kim, SugaryG: So nice to hear. She is fantastic.

    Rikke: No but you can send me an email if you like?

    Trisha: There is a link to her site in the text.

    nurten: Not my cake so cant take the credit for it but it is really beautiful. Love blue and brown.

    elaine: sounds nice:-)

  8. I have all of Sharon’s DVD’s and they are wonderful! She goes into so much detail. Even on the “Gallery of Cakes”, she gives tips on how to decorate the cakes.

  9. I have all of Sharon’s DVD’s and they are wonderful! She goes into so much detail. Evel on the “Gallery of Cakes”, she gives tips on how to decorate the cakes.

  10. Sorry but I am only new to this addiction can you tell me where I can purchase the dvd’s frm
    I love this site and you are all so very encouraging
    Thank you

  11. I’m watching mine right now and I can tell you that even only 30 minutes into it – it is awesome!! The cakes on the cover look great and I can’t wait to get all the way through this DVD.

  12. I just received my videos from Sharon Zambito yesterday and they were all fantastic. I purchased Perfecting the Art of Buttercream, Flawless Fondant & Boxes and Bows and I have to say Sharon really takes the time to show you how to do everything. I’m so glad that I purchased them and would recommend them to everyone.

    Kim Dodgen

  13. This is the third DVD I’ve gotten from Sharon. I’ve only made it about halfway through this one, but it is amazing. I second Louise’s recommendation. If you are a visual person and really need to watch something being done, Sharon is a fantastic teacher!

  14. I’ve just ordered 3 of her DVD’s and am waiting for them to get here. Can’t wait, Sharon Zambito is wonderful cake artist and I hope to learn as much as I can from her.

  15. I just purchased this DVD and received it in the mail yesterday. I can’t wait to watch it. I have her buttercream DVD as well.

  16. I would love to make cakes like that and would get the DVD. I just wonder about the response of people who traditionally order e.g. butter cream frosting. Do they enjoy the fondant, which give the cake such an elegant finish? What has been your experience? Also – if fondant is overworked, does it set like a rock?
    I’ve only worked with it one time years ago – bad experience.

  17. Oh yes! I brought mines yesterday, I can’t wait to get them! I have her first two and love them!!!! I know how to make bows and boxes but I’m sure I will still learn tons from Mrs Zambito!!!


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