Elisa Strauss the woman behind New York city’s famous bakery Confetti cakes has written The Confetti Cakes cookbook. It takes you on a spectacular journey through some of the bakery’s most famous cake designs and delicious recipes.

The Confetti Cakes cookbook

What’s the “Confetti Cakes” Book About?

You will be guided through: Equipment and techniques, Basic recipes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Mini Cakes and Cakes. All illustrated with beautiful photos and some very detailed drawings on the “how to’s”. In this book, you will find great inspiration for all kinds of creations and occasions.

Another great thing about this book is that you will find some fantastic cake ideas for both genders. For the guys, cakes like The Pool ball cupcakes, Baseball hat cake, or the Wine bottle cake are obvious possibilities. For the girls, Elisa shows you how to make the most adorable Teacup mini cakes, and beautiful Crystal cupcakes and finishes off by showing how to make her famous Shoebox cake with a stylish sugar stiletto.

I have really been inspired when reading the book. Confetti Cakes is busy on a new book due in fall 2008. It is called: Confetti Cakes For Kids and I think it will be worth waiting for.

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Happy Caking!