I have been updating my cake book stores. I have re-arrange it so that the authors with many book titles now has theire own section. So I hope it will be easier to find you’re way around in the book stores.

I know that many in the US are waiting patiently for Romantic Cakes by Peggy Porschen. Until now the only message from her site is that the US and German edition will be available this autumn. So let’s hope it won’t be long as you have lots of great stuff to look forward too with that book.

Lindy Smith’s seventh book Cakes to inspire & desire, was said to be released in the US last month?. So if you are so lucky to have it, I would love to know. The hardback version however is published in the UK here in August in a limited availability. This is the one I am waiting for as I could not wait until november where the soft back is published in the UK.

Then there is a new exciting book on the way by Mich Turner. It is called Party Cakes: Exquisite Treats for Celebrating Special Occasions.

It is to be released in UK, US and Canada this October.

So hopefully you can all look forward to a lot of exciting cake reading during this fall 🙂

Happy Caking!