As a huge fan of Peggy Porschen I was very excited when I got notified that she will be teaching at two special pre-Christmas masterclasses for only 10 students per class. The classes will be held at her Battersea studio in London.

I would love to take a trip to London at anytime if I could just spend a day with Peggy. She will show some of her secrets when it comes to pipping and decorating her all time beautiful cookies and cakes. This time added with a touch of Christmas glitter.

The first masterclass is already coming up November 21. Here you will learn how to decorate snowflake cookies and a 6″ fruit cake.

The second masterclass is saturday December 6. This time it will be all about minature fruit cakes.

But there are more great news to come. A new book from Peggy “Cake Chic” will be published summer 2009. Can it get any better?

You can find more info at Peggy Porschen.

Happy Caking


Picture provided by Peggy Porschen Ltd & taken by photographer Georgia Glynn Smith.