Topsy Turvy DVD

topsyturvydvd_edited-2I am a big fan of Sharon from SugarEd Productions and her fantastic dvd’s. Especially the previous one Boxes & Bows which was filled with so many tips and tricks. Well Sharon is not lazy as she is out with a brand new dvd for all of her SugarEd fans.

This time it is all about the popular Topsy Turvy cakes. There are several ways this cake is made and I like Sharons and the Australian style (Madhatter) the best. So I have just placed my order for her new Topsy Turvy dvd and I cant wait to hold the dvd in my hands…..

Happy Caking



  1. Louise, I would love to know how YOU made your topsy-turvy cake that you use as your logo. I’ve never seen such precise cutting!!

  2. I haven’t made wonky cakes before but Lindy Smith here in the UK has also produced a DVD about wonky celebration cakes, as well as one about cake jewellery (which I have done using her book and was great fun!)

    I love the new look!

  3. Hi Louise,
    I also have her Boxes & Bows and just loved it!. I placed my order for the Topsy Turvy over a month ago because she had a promotion going on and couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to get mine!!!! Love your news website design :o)

  4. I have it and it’s awesome!!!! And I think she is talking about Planet Cake in Austrialia as I have their new book also absolutely love it!!!!

  5. Love the new look and layout! Fantastic! I too, just ordered Sharon’s latest DVD: Totally Topsy Turvy…and can’t WAIT for it to arrive.


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