Rosey fondant cookie lollys

Rose fondant cookie lollipops

Back when I saw some cute cupcake fondant molds I was thinking of how they maybe could work as a cookie decoration. The mould is very easy to work with and it release the fondant without a fuss as long as you remember to dust it well with corn starch.

I quickly found out not to use too much fondant or the disc would be too thick and too sugary sweet to bite into. So I tried my best to make the disc as thin as I could without ruining the pretty roses. With these lolly’s they did get a little too thick I think.

I glued them on to the cookies with piping gel which worked out great. Dusted the roses with pink and green lustre dusts and completed them with a piped border of royal icing dots. They look very sweet and Shabby Chic I think.

Happy Caking



  1. Ana G: If you decorate the cookies with royal icing you easily make them up to 1 month before. Just store them in layers with parchment paper in between in airthight boxes.

  2. My baby’s first birthday will be in the end of the month.
    I’m planning to make a lot of sugar decorated cookies (to wrap as gifts)to friens and familly.
    Can I make the cookies 2 or 3 weeks in advance? What’s the best way to keep and preserve them?

  3. Andrea: It is all pretty much the same only cmc/tylose is a cheaper version to the Gum T.

    To make a super modelling paste: 500gr fondant, 1 1/2 tsp. Tylo and 1 tsp egg white (pasturized) and a little white fat. Mix/knead it well and wrap well in plastic wrap and put it in a airthight container.

  4. Hi Louise,
    I am preparing an order, but I am very confused here… I want to make modelling paste and I have to knead tylo on it, right ? What about gum tragacanth and cmc ? what are these for ???
    Is CMC and tylo the same thing ?
    Please help ! : )

  5. Louise, we must have been on the same wavelength! I made some petit fours because I saw yours…and I put some fondant flowers on top of them that I made with the mold!!! I am not using luster dust properly, though. My flowers looked positively awful, and I wound up using only white flowers on turquoise colored petit fours. They wound up looking like little boxes from Tiffany. Thank you for posting your petit fours; I used Martha Stewart’s corn syrup recipe and it’s wonderful…however, how on earth do you coat all sides of the petit four???

  6. Hi it’s my first time writing but for a long time i’ve been round and i must say i love everything you do..i’m not a cake designer but someday :o)wish you the best!!!!!!!

  7. Ihhh Hvor er de søde Louise og dit nye design på bloggen er helt vidunderligt, meget mere ro over siden, det kan jegrigtig godt lide 🙂

  8. One of these days I’d like to host a tea/luncheon for friends and am on the lookout for ideas. These lolly cookies would make adorable party favors! I can just see them wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pink ribbon.

  9. This is completely unrelated to this post, but I just realized that you’re one of the judges for Threadcakes– that is so awesome! I love Threadless so I’m planning on entering, even though I’ve never seriously decorated cakes before and it will probably be a disaster.

  10. THANKS Louise. Your always giving great information and ideas. I have a question. I want to take a chocolate mold and use foundant or gum paste. What do you suggest that I do?

    BTW: I made a mini Teddy Bear inspired by you and it came out cute but not as cute as yours. I am going to keep practicing. The fur is a wrist killer indeed.

  11. Hi Louise, because of your recommendations I have just had delivery of these moulds and I may given them a try this weekend. I would never have thought of using them on cookies. Thanks

  12. Hi, Louise. This is my first time writing here but I have been following your work for a long time. I love cake decorating and I’m a baker and cake designer. I love so many of the big names (Peggy Porschen, James Roselle, Ron Ben Israel) but I must say that you belong in the same group. you are AMAZING!!! And thank you for that.! 🙂

  13. My main focus is cookies and when I saw these molds I intended to use them as you did Louise. I couldn’t get them in time for the order I had, so I put plain fondant circles on my cookies as usual. Then I molded the roses from one of my many plastic candy molds, and attached them with a little water or corn syrup. The possibilities are endless using those candy molds, and not so expensive.

  14. These are adorable. I keep wanting to try these and somehow I get sidetracked. They are on my to-do list!! Thanks for sharing–so pretty!!

  15. Rachel: The molds are so easy to use I have a cute teddy & rabbit mould as well from her. That im just waiting to try to use on a cake.

    Mrsstix: If you go to my Tutorial/How to section, you will find a post on how to make a cookie lolly. I always bake the cookies with the stick.

  16. Hi,
    They look soooooo awesome- I want to make some! I was jsut wondering when or how you insert the sticks into the cookies? Do you cook them with the stick in? Or do you do it as soon as they come out of the oven? I love the idea of them! Thanks in advance 🙂


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