Baked Halloween cookies

I wanted to try out some new cookie shapes for Halloween so I sat down yet again and made some new Halloween templates: Ghost, bat, pumpkin, coffin and a rat. They were a little bit difficult to cut out by hand, so thats why I have only made two of each shape.

I have also tried to make some “Witch fingers” out of the cookie dough. But the first batch ended up looking more like swollen fingers and not long, thin and “creepy”. So I had to make some adjustments with the new cookie dough and hopefully will the new “Witch fingers” turn out a lot better than the first ones (I will let you know)

Btw if there are anyone who have experience with colored cookie dough. I would be happy to know if I should use: powder or gel colors in my cookie dough?

Now I will go back into the kitchen and make some royal icing for the cookies so I can start on the fun part, decorating!

Happy Caking!



  1. I made the cutest red green and white icebox cookies for christmas and colored the dough with regular liquid food coloring. I made the regular dough, separated it into thirds, than returned 1/3 to the mixer and added the coloring and also flavoring. The liquid (even at 20-30 drops) didn’t do anything to the consistency! 🙂

  2. Hi Louise,
    I too was quite amazed at the crisp edges of your cookies. As someone already posted my cookies always spread, and I do hope you’ll share the recipe or technique you used to achieve this impeccable look on your cookies.

  3. Hi Louise, these cookies look fab! I was wondering if you could create a tutorial for decorating cookies with poured fondant? I’ve tried royal icing put I love the ‘shiny’ finish on the liquid fondant.

  4. These look so cute, I hope we can see them decorated very soon. I use gel color for the dough whenever I make colored cookies, I make candy canes with red and normal dough and everyone loves them!(a little time consuming!) You just have to be careful with the oven.

  5. Please does anybody knows where can I buy fondant,gumpaste,tools and etcs. in Valencia.
    I love this please, I´d love so much to do this things HELP MEEEEE JAJJAJAJJAJ

  6. Hi Louise,

    Your hand cut shaped biscuits are perfect! So neat!
    It is not easy to get such perfect crisp clean outlines! Well done! I also love your rat!

  7. The Cookies look great. I always break little legs off. To help Heather try and refrigerate the cookies before you bake them. It helps them keep their shape.

  8. I really like the way the shapes came out. Nice and smooth. Do you use a special sugar cookie recipe? I have tried with a regular cookie recipe and they do not come out looking like yours. I use copper and plastic cut outs. Which do you find the best to use? Since you make your own templates do you use a kit to make metal cookie cutters. I really enjoy your website and have learned a lot about decorating. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. You can use the gel without a problem. The added wettness of the gel is handled with the flour used to roll the dough out, whereas the powders can make the dough dry and crumbly.

  10. Do you have the recipe for your sugar cookies on your website? If so, where. Whenever I make sugar cookies they always come out puffy. Thank you,

  11. Wow! Incredible. The details came out good. I like how the rat’s tail came out. What cookie recipe did you use for this(something which doesn’t make details swollen up) would you kind enough to post it.

  12. Good Morning Louise,

    Even though I don’t care for the subject matter, you would never know that these were cut by hand. They are perfection!

  13. Will you show how you decorated them because i have some new halloween cookie cutters i want to use but not sure how to decorae

  14. I use gel coloring when I color my cookie dough. My favorite is to use orange and yellow and make a tye dy effect for fall leaves.

  15. I color my dough for Christmas for green trees, etc… and I just add the regular food coloring while the dough is mixing so I don’t have to knead by hand later. Hope that helps.

  16. Love the shapes! can’t wait to see them decorated!

    I’ve used the Wilton gel color in my sugar cookie dough recipe and it worked wonderfully.

  17. I personally use gel to tint my dough. I think it comes out more vibrant.
    I love your shapes, they look perfect. I like the rats. Don’t know if I could eat one, but like the idea. That is one way to save my behind from the extra calories! lol

  18. How on earth did you get your cookies to have such a crisp image? Whenever I make sugar cookies and the cut out is a heart (for example) after baking, rather then cute and perfect it really looks like a human heart instead. I’ve tried several different sugar cookie recipes only to have the same thing happen. Mis shapen and fat.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I am loving the coffin cookie. You could do so much with that one!

  19. I used colouring paste on some butter cookies the other day and they turned out perfectly. It didn’t alter the flavour or consistency at all.

    What recipe do you use for your cookies? They look amazing!


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