The whole move went well and I am almost done with the unpacking of our 84 moving boxes. The summer have been so wonderful and very hot so the thought of working with sticky fondant have not been very appealing. The kids will start school next week and they are both excited to meet their new friends.

The month of August also means preparations for my daughters birthday party and I have had an idea for a sweet treat in my head for an long time: brownies and meringues. A rich chocolate brownie with a sweet and crispy meringue on top.

So into the kitchen to test if it would be just as delicious as I thought it would be. Since meringues is a bit time consuming to make (baking time) I started to make those first. Then I baked my all time favorite brownie recipe. To make the meringue stick to the brownie I have spread a little bit of dark chocolate ganache. Now on to the tasting and oh my they were good. Just as I imagined. Some fresh berries (blueberries or raspberries) slightly crushed would be a nice little extra flavour and texture together with the chocolate ganache.

I will most definitely make them for my daughters birthday party in sweet mini bite sizes of course.

Happy Caking!