Brownies and meringues

The whole move went well and I am almost done with the unpacking of our 84 moving boxes. The summer have been so wonderful and very hot so the thought of working with sticky fondant have not been very appealing. The kids will start school next week and they are both excited to meet their new friends.

The month of August also means preparations for my daughters birthday party and I have had an idea for a sweet treat in my head for an long time: brownies and meringues. A rich chocolate brownie with a sweet and crispy meringue on top.

So into the kitchen to test if it would be just as delicious as I thought it would be. Since meringues is a bit time consuming to make (baking time) I started to make those first. Then I baked my all time favorite brownie recipe. To make the meringue stick to the brownie I have spread a little bit of dark chocolate ganache. Now on to the tasting and oh my they were good. Just as I imagined. Some fresh berries (blueberries or raspberries) slightly crushed would be a nice little extra flavour and texture together with the chocolate ganache.

I will most definitely make them for my daughters birthday party in sweet mini bite sizes of course.

Happy Caking!



  1. I dont use a special mini pan. I just cut out the brownies with cookie cutters. Mini meringues should not be baked more than 1 hour. Just spread on a little ganache and place a meringue on top.

  2. OK so I know the idea is to bake from scratch and sometimes I actually do but as I looked at these fab brownie/meringue creations I couldn’t help but think – instant brownie mix, ready made meringues (readily available in supermarkets here in UK)a bit of frosting between the two – easey peasey and mess making/time saving too. Thanks for sharing. Just found your site today and lurve it 🙂

  3. I was wondering the same question. Your meringue looks lighter than a meringue cookie. Any chance you can share your recipe?

  4. No doubt, all cakes are attractive. Top on it photo graph is very nice and quality of each picture in your website is amazing. Do you hire a photo photographer to make all these pictures? Just curious to know..

  5. Wow! Those are sooo pretty, especially with the little sprinkles on top! Love the combo of the dense, rich brownie with a light chewy meringue on top!

  6. they look so yummy. 🙂 I would love to know your meringue recipe. I havent realy dabbled with that before but all the meringues I know of are just egg whites, do you add anything to them to get the texture and firmness i see on yours? Also does meringue sweat in warm weather? it gets pretty humid here in Montreal.

  7. They’re soo pretty Louise. I would have never thought of adding meringue and brownies together. Will definitely try this out. Thank you for sharing this and for all your other wonderful ideas. You take lovely photos too! 🙂

  8. I am so excited to try and make meringue! Because I am a serious novice, I have questions. How do I change the color of the meringue – when do I add coloring and how much? Next, is Italian Butter Cream Meringue recipe what you used to make this treat? Your website and tutorials are what I am using to make all of our store’s treats!

  9. hi just a question can you give me the recipe for the meringue that goes with the brownie to make those gorgeous cup cakes please

  10. These look delicious, great combination! I’m sure your little girl will love them! Congratulations on the move – great to have found your blog and will enjoy following you! Helen

  11. I would love your recipe for the meringue topping used on the brownies. They look so yummie… Do you also use the same recipe for meringue cookies. I have never made them before.

  12. Hi Louise, these brownies look delicious!!
    I always make cupcakes and i frost them with 7 minutes meringue, it’s a really good frosting for the hot weather…
    i’m happy your move is almost done. Thanks for sharing…

  13. So cute. I love meringue cookies! I usually by them at the grocers though. How do you make them? Thanks for sharing as always. You’re as sweet as the treats! Have a fun time getting settled in the new place. :o)

  14. I love making meringues, I do very often
    all shapes, colors or flavors but I have not
    considered to involve them in brownies!
    It’s very pretty and probably very good
    Thank you for this nice idea

  15. They look wonderful! I do them with what we call here, Suspiro, it is a bit more creamier.

    I love the color pink in meringue, and I most definitely have to try your brownie suggestion. I am sure your daughters party will be a hit with these treat.

    Can I come over? : ) Have a blessed day!

  16. I moved the end of March so I understand. These cupcakes look divine! How did you get the delicate color on the meringues? I can only imagine how wonderful they taste!

  17. Congrats on the move! I bet each year, all the kids hope they have class with your daughter because they are guaranteed to get fabulous treats. The teachers probably fight over who gets to teach your daughter every year!

  18. These are lovely. I’m allergic to Gluten and one of my favorite things to make are meringue cookies. What’s your favorite recipe?

  19. Congratulations on the move. 84 boxes…wow! The meringue/brownie combination looks beautiful! I love receiving your newsletters! You’re so very talented!

  20. Keep up the great work you are doing!!!
    Just in time I need help!! I need a icing for my cupcakes that can survive this hot,humid summer 🙁
    I don’t like the egg whites any suggestions,I’m melting…


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