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Now and then I take a shopping trip down town Copenhagen where I go and visit some of the stores I know might have some cake stuff like paper cases, cookie cutters, candles, sprinkles or other sweet things decorated with cakes or cupcakes. So yesterday was a good day because I got my hands on some cute cupcake/muffin paper cases and the nesting teddy bear cookie cutters quite cheap πŸ™‚

Could they be cupcakes?

Or ice creams?

But the best part was the four ice cream trinkets or could they be cupcakes?? Anyway they were just too cute and I just could not leave the store with out them;-) Have an idea that they would look sweet as centerpieces for a summer party.

What is your soft spot? sprinkles, paper cases, cookie cutters, cake pans ect.??

Happy Caking



  1. simona says

    hi! my name is Simona and I send you this comment from italy! I’ve seen this wonderful blog from magnolia’s web site and I thought to leave a message to compliment with you and for your superlative handworks! I think I’m going to link you! greetings from italy! by simo

  2. says

    your blog is gorgeous..thanks for sharing and happy blogging!

    You’ll definitely see me often here lol.

    Here is my blog if you’re in the mood for some Moroccan food..

    I’ll appreciate any comments πŸ™‚

  3. Shannon says

    my soft spot is anything that I can use as a mold for my soaps, I really like the silicon ones!

    and cupcake stickers and little charms =o)

  4. Louise says

    I can see that many of you have your weakness when it comes to pretty liners, cake pans and cutters and more:-)

    Kelsie: Yes it is. Cute right?

    Lisa: have you tried ?

    Wendi & AC: no they dont:-(

    Toni: Jep they were almost begging me…lol!

    Tracy: ohh your gonna love the new tools.

    Nickey: The trinkets + timer was from Urban Outfitters, Blue heart pan was from Notre Dame, liniers & teddy cutters is from a store called JANUS on Norrebro.

    Sarah: ohh funny. I got mine for Β£2.50 but i have seen them to Β£4.50 elsewhere.

  5. says

    Ahhh! I made chocolate chip muffins with the blue liners today!! Weird. They’re very pretty, and the muffins aren’t half bad either. Only my liners were kinda a treat as they’re pretty expensive here – Β£3.50 for the pack of 60 which is like $7? yeah a bit excessive. I found you on flickr there now, beautiful cakes&other sweet goods! ♥

  6. Cake Bunny says

    I have an extensive collection of vintage and antique baking/cake decorating items. Cake pans, pie tins, cutters, rollers, sifters, storage tins, decorators, you name it and I’ve probably got it! I’ve been collecting for nearly 25 years. I also love copper cookie cutters. I don’t have many but I love to look for them at markets :o)

  7. Amy from NY~USA says

    Paper cases are definitely my soft spot! You found some adorable ones! I LOVE the ice cream cone timer! Your daughters cake turned out BEAUTIFUL! It looks too pretty to eat! =)

  8. Nickey says

    I love those cupcake paper cases, can you unveil your secret bakingsuplystores in Kopenhagen so i can ask my friend Dorthe, who is coming over in a few weeks, can ask to get them for me

    I love your blog! Thanks for all the tips so far!

  9. Tracy says

    Well I don’t know. Perhaps my addiction is being inspired by all the lovely things you make because I just bought the funky alphabet tappits and the patchwork butterfly wings for my daughter’s birthday cake!

  10. Dan says

    I am so jealous, I haven’t been able to find anywhere near me that sells this sort of stuff, I just have generic paper cases from the supermarket.

  11. lisa says

    I’m quite addicted to anything ‘baking like’, but i am on the hunt for the perfect cupcake paper liner…they are so hard to find!
    Anybody have any suggestions (if you live in Perth, WA), where to get some good ones?

  12. nayeli says

    My favorite are the trinkets I think they are cupcakes…. I would love to get my hands on some of those πŸ™‚

  13. Connie says

    Cake Pans!! I bet I have over 200. Love to hit the thrift stores looking for old ones!

    Cookie Cutter’s would be my second. Making TONS of cookies and love them all.

    Love your journal by the way!!

  14. says

    everything concerning cakes and cupcakes is my soft spot. Pity I don t find my choice of baking supplies in Malta. Those liners and ice cream trinkets are really cute. πŸ™‚

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