Now and then I take a shopping trip downtown Copenhagen where I go and visit some of the stores I know might have some cake stuff like paper cases, cookie cutters, candles, sprinkles, or other sweet things decorated with cakes or cupcakes. So yesterday was a good day because I got my hands on some cute cupcake/muffin paper cases and the nesting teddy bear cookie cutters quite cheap πŸ™‚

New things

But the best part was the four ice cream trinkets or could they be cupcakes?? Anyway, they were just too cute and I just could not leave the store without them;-) Have an idea that they would look sweet as centerpieces for a summer party.

What is your soft spot? sprinkles, paper cases, cookie cutters, cake pans, etc.??

Happy Caking


Could they be cupcakes?
Or ice creams?