My favorite online store to buy cookie cutters from is the Cakes Cookies & Crafts Shop. They have just to mention a few things, a lovely range of cookie cutters, edible decoration, cupcake cases, and the best cookie sticks because they are slightly thinner than the ones from Wilton;-) Topsy Turvy cake and of course I had to try it out.

How I Use the Cookie Cutter Texture Set

When I placed my last order they were so sweet to send me the new Cookie cutter texture set as well.

The set comes with three different embossing sheets. Two matches the cutter’s shape and the last has an all-over design so it can be used for much more than just cookies. Use it to emboss fondant-covered cupcakes, make embossed ribbons to decorate around a cake, small fondant cut-outs, make a beautiful embossed bow or you can use it to make a sweet baby blanket if you are making a christening cake.

There are four different cookie cutter texture sets (baby onesie, heart & wedding cake).

You can paint the embossed details with soft gel colors, blossom tints, or luster dust. Just mix it with a few drops of clear alcohol and paint with a super fine paintbrush. Or you can just decorate it the way you like with royal icing.

Happy caking