Here is a tutorial on how you can make a sweet teddy bear cake topper. If you want you can place it on a fondant disc for easy removal before cutting the cake. I hope that you will enjoy my teddy bear tutorial. Let’s start with part 1.

This is what I use:
Rolled fondant, alternative use gum paste
Tylo powder (CMC)
1 cocktail stick
Quilting tool (PME)
Ball or bone tool
Bulbous cone (PME) or another tool with a pointy end
Edible glue + small brush
Food gel paste
Tiny amount of black rolled fondant
White petal dust + a few drops of either clear alcohol or lemon extract
Super fine brush
Cornstarch (to prevent sticky hands while working with the fondant)
A little bit of Crisco, if the fondant starts to dry
(Small non stick knife)

Step 1:
Color your fondant in your chosen color for the teddy bear. Take the amount of fondant you want for the teddy’s body and knead it with some Tylo powder (I use about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp maybe more or less depending on the size of fondant that i’m using) When you start to knead in the powder, you can feel, when the Tylo starts to thicken/harden the fondant as you knead it. You want the piece of fondant for the body to be firm enough to hold up it’s shape. Roll the fondant into a smooth ball. Next shape the fondant ball into a cone shape.

Step 2:
Take the cone and make an indentation with your fingers to just form the top of the teddy’s belly. The body should have a pear shape at the front but try and keep it as straight as you can at the back.

Step 3:
Make a stitch with the quilting tool from the back to the front. Brush some edible glue on a cocktail stick and push it down into the body.

Step 4:
Take some more fondant for the legs and again add some Tylo powder, only not as much as you used for the body. Knead and roll the fondant into a smooth ball. Next roll it into a sausage. Decide how thick/thin you want the teddy’s legs to be. Take a knife and cut a diagonal cut in the center of the sausage. Place the two pieces on each side of the teddy to see if if looks OK. I always end up cutting off more before I am happy with the legs.

Step 5:
Now it’s time to mold and shape the two legs pieces. Start by smoothing the cutting end with your fingers. Then form the feet by gently pinching the end.

Step 6:
Place the legs on the teddy to see if they need more adjusting. Then brush a little glue and attach the legs to the body. Make a stitch down on the outside of the legs with the quilting tool.

Step 7:
If you like you can with a non stick knife make indentations on the feet. You can also glue on a little round circle of fondant in another color under the feet. Small cut out hearts looks cute too. Don’t forget to give the teddy a little belly button as well.

Step 8:
Next, it’s time to make the arms. Use fondant, with only a small amount of Tylo powder. Use the same technique for the arms like you did for the legs. Only make the arms slightly thinner. I like to test the length and thickness before I cut the “sausage” in two.

Step 9:
Smooth the cut end and slightly flatten it at the pointy end. Shape the arms and form the paws. Make a stitch down the arm with the quilting tool. If you like, you can cut a little thumb?

Step 10:
Brush a little edible glue on the arms and place them in the position you want. Now, let the almost finished teddy dry overnight.

Part 2 will be up on Monday!

– Update: Here is the Teddy Bear Cake Topper Part 2!

Happy Caking!