Cake tins follow up

To follow up on the previous post about cake tins or cake pans as some also like to call them 😉 Many of you have asked me where I got my cake tins from. The cake tins I use is a UK brand called Invicta bakeware and they make fantastic heavy duty cake tins that is 3″ deep. You can get them from most UK cake decorating online stores.

But you can get other brands of cake tins that is 3″ deep. Wilton have only round cake tins that is 3″ deep where Fat Daddio’s have different 3″ deep cake tins in many shapes like: Heart, hexagon, petal and square to just name a few of them.

You can get the cake tins from here:
Global Sugar Art

Well I am off to bake some cakes 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. I use Wilton 3″ pans and get no bulge if I also put on the wet strips. The middle gets cooked and the edges don’t dry out. The top of the cake is perfectly flat.

  2. Nicole (Niliquely): good question. I only have the bulgin problem if I use too much filling. But yes I am sure that it could be a reason to the bulging problem.

    Katherine: Do you mean the invicta link? you can get them from here

    Roseanna: It depends on what cake I am baking but I usually fill it between 2-3″ and then there are a nice piece of cake to munch on afterwards 😉

    Dittemik: Ok!

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  4. Hej Louise

    Jeg må have husket forkert med Gunillas blog og din bog. For jeg forsøgte at finde, det så jeg kunne sende dig et link. Og der var ikke noget… Hmmmm…
    Nå men endnu engang tillykke. Super sød netbog. Og flot kage i dag.



  5. Louise, How full do you usually fill your 3″ tin? Sometime I have to make 3 layers of the 2″ to get the height I want. Thanks

  6. I clicked on the link to look at pricing but couldn’t find any information – is there another website that you can order from? I have Wilton tins that drive me crazy because the middle of the cake isn’t cooked but the rest of the cake is – none of my other cake tins do this – only wilton. It takes over an hour for something to fully cook in the Wilton tins so i am always looking for new ones.

  7. I often have trouble with bulging…I am wanting to try this but I have a question. My layers never bulge right away but after the cake comes to room temp. Wouldn’t the mousse filling still bulge if the cake gets warmer? I am just wondering….I really want to try this since I have such a problem with bulges! Thank you for taking the time to share with us!


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