Cath Kidston inspired cake

cath kidston cake

Today was the day for the danish cake exhibition and time to show my Cath Kidston inspired cake. When looking for inspiration to the cake I went by the gorgeous fabrics that Cath Kidston designs. I used: Roses, dots and strawberries for my cake.

The pink roses, some of my best, is made with single rose petals glued on one by one simply because I did not have a quick rose cutter that was big enough (I do now because I have just ordered one ;-))


The dots was the easy part on the cake πŸ˜‰ and at the bottom of the cake I decorated with strawberries made out of modelling paste. I used the strawberry cutter set from JEM for the leaves. The small white flowers are just simple 5 petal with pink non-parelis.


But I was not the only one who came with a Cath Kidston themed cake. My cake friend Pia Marianne and I agreed on making cakes using CK as inspiration and this is what she came up with.


A true masterpiece and she so well deserved won the 1st. prize. Congratulation again my friend I just love your cake to bits πŸ™‚ So as you can see two very different cakes inspired by the same source πŸ™‚

Happy Caking



  1. Rachel says

    Hi, I just found your site. It’s amazing. Your creations are beautiful. Would you mind telling what colour blue you used for the bottom tier of this cake?
    Thank you.

  2. Roshini says

    I must admit that I love your cake more than the other one. I was wondering, whether you would be able to put up a tutorial on how to make those lovely roses please??

  3. Panda Treats says

    I think the cake looks AWESOME!!!! and was wondering if you could help me out with my quandary; I am trying to make violets out of gum paste and wanted to know if you have any tips,and also should i have my cake ready before I start or if it can wait?…
    Thank you for your time! πŸ™‚

    • Louise says

      I have never made violets flowers. I would always make the decoration like flowers first before I start baking the cake.

  4. Evelyne says

    I am speechless! Those cakes are sooo beautiful, I must admit tahat I like your cake better – this combination of simplicity, elegance and colors is truly breathtaking.

  5. Jessica's Dinner Party says

    Beautiful!!! Cath Kidston has a distinct style and you’ve truly captured the essence of it.

  6. Leah says

    You are so extremely talented! Thanks for all the awesome tips and cute ideas. You make it look so simple.. if only it was! πŸ˜›

  7. silvana says

    buon giorno vorrei chiedere per favore che ditta Γ¨ che fa gli stampini per i fiori delle fragole sulla sua torta meravigliosa? Chi li vende?
    grazie saluti Silvana Baldo

  8. Louise says

    Sally: The green is made with Americolor/Advocado and there is a post in the tutorial section for the roses (gum paste roses)

  9. Sally says

    Beautiful cake!!! – how did you get that gorgeous dusky green? Plus where can I see how you made the Roses?

  10. Emily Saunders says

    I want a cake like this for me wedding next year! Are you based in UK???
    So amazing i love it!!
    Emily xx

  11. says

    These are amazing! The unbelievable detail and time it must of taken to do the flowers and strawberries. What a beautiful cake for any party but especially a wedding. I have never photographed such a unique but very beautiful wedding cake before.

  12. Louise says

    Eve: You can eat modelling paste wich is the same as gumpaste. But it dries up hard so I would not eat it.

  13. Eve says

    You are so talented!
    I have a question though, is modelling paste edible? Is it something I can get at a cake supply store, or is it what my (almost) 6 year old twins play with and call clay??? I need to make cakes for their birthday and will be sculpting pieces, and fondant can be tricky. THANKS!

  14. Becky says

    What a great idea: using fabric as an inspiration! Your cake is GORGEOUS in it’s simplicity…although making those roses is hardly simple. You should have won first place!

  15. Louise says

    Ok, I am trying to work something out for the rose tutorial. Unfortunately is the video I mentioned earlier too big. So I cant upload it here or on youtube I have tried πŸ™ So I hope that I can make it into a step by step version instead. So it might take a little bit longer than the end of the week. Also my little girl is sick with fever and a sore throat so she needs mommy’s TLC πŸ™‚

    But I am working on it…….


    Louise xx

  16. Amy says

    Your flowers are amazing and I really love the falling petals. They look great. Did your friend make the teddy bear topper? It looks very real!

  17. nenu says

    OH… MY…GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Those cakes are just beautiful, I don’t think there’s a word that can describe how amazing they are. I just wish for half of the talent you have. And those roses… BEAUTIFUL!!! You need to post a tutorial on those, Please!!!!!!!!

  18. marielba says

    Hi Louise, the petals of the rose are so real and the whole package cake is so delicate and beautiful, elegant as usual. You did a very, very, very good work in this cake, congratsonce more,
    Hugs from Venezuela

  19. Meri Anne says

    OMG!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE both cakes, but your roses are AWESOME!!! They are SO real looking that after I read that you made them, I had to go back and look again. Absolutely stunning!

  20. Margaret Ban says

    Your site gives me so much of inspiration. you never fail to impress with your work of arts.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your cakes so generously.

  21. Kate From Oz says

    Ok Ok Ok so i cant breathe!!!!!……. those roses are soooo amazing! Tutorial please!!!!

    Congratulations on yet another masterpiece πŸ˜€

  22. Louise says

    katyrzinia: Jeps only tylo glue πŸ™‚

    SusieQ: She told me that she have covered styrofoam eggs with fondant for the head and the body.

    Tiffany Nash: The roses are made with modelling paste and I promise there will come a post with a podcast on the roses by the end of the week.

  23. paula says

    so pretty your cake, really beautiful, and your friend ‘s funny too…….
    well done……
    gr paula
    ps, my daughter said that i was a dummy for not regcognising your bunny with easter……

  24. June says

    Louise, your cake is beautiful, I love those strawberries & your roses are fabulous. Your friends cake is also fabulous, it is unique. Wonderful work both of you.

  25. Shaaron says

    Louise your cakes are always the most stunning I have ever seen. I am always amazed at your wonderful choice of colors as well as your fine attention to details. You are a true artist at her finest.

  26. SusieQ says

    Magnificent, they are both just splendid!!!!!
    I would like to know how the Teddy Bear was made could she show us sometime?
    Louise you are truly the best cake decorator, and most generous teacher!
    I so appreciate you talent.

    Love Love your work Big Huge Fan!!

  27. Becky says

    What great cakes. The whole thing is beautiful but your roses?! My goodness, they are INCREDIBLE!! As always, you leave me with awe and inspiration (as does your friend). Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  28. katyrzinia says

    Just love the cakes—-the roses are exquisite and I find the small petal flowers so dainty—just what I need for the dress cake I am planning for my granddaughter’s christening. Also, on the prize winning cake—how was the dainty rose “printing” made—similar to individual painting of each one in a pattern?
    Were your roses glued together with your “tylo” glue or what?
    Sorry for all the questions but there is so much to absorb and learn.

    Love them both.

  29. Louise says

    Tea Party Gal: Ohh I am so bad on how long time I use on my cakes because you can make decoration while the cakes is baking and some things like the roses needs time to allow to dry before you can continue with them. So I dont know really.

    Tamera: Thanks for the tip about the catalog.

  30. says

    beautiful cakes–I love Kath Kidson’s beautiful patterns and designs. I have one of her books and never thought to get inspiration for my cupcakes from her-great idea! Thanks for sharing such beautiful and hard work-looks ALMOST too good to eat!! great job

  31. Sonya Begg, Australia says

    I AM VERY IMPRESSED. Both cakes are just marvellous. It makes me realise what a raw beginner I am..and at the tender age of 63 I realise I’ll be 80 before I’m even close to creating masterpieces such as those two cakes.
    I enjoy the inspiration.

  32. Louise says

    Zhara: the teddy’s body is styrofoam eggs so it dont gets too heavy. Such a clever idea.

    Eunice: Ohh that is nothing really as I had much trouble with the fondant this time, you can find so many great podcasts on youtube πŸ™‚

  33. says

    oh wow! Both of them are s amazing! **im jealous of your talent πŸ˜‰ **

    I love LOVE the roses on yours…. :O

    Also, is the bear on top of your friends a teddy bear? or is it cake/sugar?

  34. missi says

    OMGosh! That cake is so beautiful! Looking at it just made me smile! My husband is heading for Iraq so I’m happy to find all the smiles I can! Thank you for sharing!

  35. says

    You made a beautiful cake, I am amazed it was inspired by fabric! I really love the roses, they are stunning, and look real, and the strawberries and the leaves are just so intricate and cute!

  36. Annalisa says

    Omgosh both are so lovely and well done! Bravo. I wish I could do stuff HALF as lovely. I can bake but the decorating is beyond me πŸ˜‰

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