Cake with horse motif

Cake with horse motif in rolled fondant

Since we moved, my daughter have found a new activity instead of the ballet classes she took while we lived in Copenhagen. Horses!

The local riding school is located just down the road from where we live and last weekend, we were invited to a little social gathering with the rest of my daughters riding team. I could not think of any better idea than to bring a cake with a horse motif.

The cake was the chocolate chip cake that I have posted about earlier this month and it was layered with chocolate ganache. The horse motif was cut out of rolled fondant icing and the mane is piped with royal icing. The small pink flowers gave the cake a sweet girlie touch.

All the girls loved it!

Happy Caking!



  1. Is the horse and the cake both fondant? If so was it to much fondant? I am going to atemt to make a cake like this for my best friend. Your cake Is truly amazing! If you have any tips on makeing this Cale please let me know thank you :)?

    • The cake is covered with a thin layer of rolled fondant. The horse motif is also a thin layer of fondant but the mane is piped royal icing. I don’t recall is was too much rolled fondant….
      Make sure that you cut out the horses head before covering the cake. It is more easy to place it one the cake when it has dried a little.

  2. Oh! what beautiful!
    My daughter loves horses and
    I would like to make a cake for her birthday with the horse theme.
    Could you please tell me the pattern with the horse how you made it?

  3. Louise, this is so lovely; you were able to take a brown horse and a blue background and turn it into a very feminine composition. The horse has a sweet face!

  4. Wow, you are a true artist. When I read horse cake I kind of went ut-oh in my head but as usual your work is exquisite!! You give a new level to theme cakes.

  5. You draw beautifully! not sure if mine would turn out like this 🙁
    Haven’t really thought of having flowers around a horse…but it looks beautiful!

  6. Louise, this is a fantastic good idea for a horse motif. I have made a few horse cakes, and I really don’t like modelling the horses. I like the idea of the “flat” motif. I am so happy to hear that your daugther have found such new good friends and hobby at your new location.


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