Valentine cake bites with poured fondant icing

If you still dont know what to make for Valentines Day, then how about making some sweet and delicious cake bite treats? I have made these pretty Valentine cake bites today.

I had some chocolate cake from the Pingu Christening cake in my freezer. Together with some chocolate ganache I rolled the crumbled cake into bite size treats. Remember when you make the cake bites, not to make them too big.

I could have used a chocolate coating on the cake bites but I just love the look of poured fondant icing on cakes. Poured fondant icing is time consuming to work with. So make sure that you dont rush while making them.

Valentine cake bites with poured fondant icing

When I cover cake bites with poured fondant icing I prefer to use the same method as when I cover Petit Fours. Remember to give the fondant icing more color when you use a dark cake and less color (if you like) for “white” cake. I used a pink pale color and it barely shows on the photos. Next time I will remember to give it more color.

I piped a royal icing “swirl” and placed a pink gum paste heart on top. I used lustre dust on the hearts aswell for extra shimmer.

Happy Caking!