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It seems like everyone is following the twitter bird. I thought why not me? So please come and follow CakeJournal on Twitter 🙂

To finish off this short post, how do you like the Easter cookies on the photo? I am stricking the best I can to get this little ebook finished. So it may not be a long one, but there will be some sweet ideas on how you get the best out of your favourite cakes and cookie recipes along with a few inspirational tips.

Happy Caking



  1. Louise says

    Fatima: Iced cookies will last for 1 month, stored in an airthigt container. But of course the sooner they are eaten the more “fresh” does they taste.

  2. Las Minervas says

    Hi! I want you to know that your blog is simply sweet, lovely and amazing!
    Thanks for share your grate knwoledge in cakes and sweets with us.

  3. says

    Louise!!! You are amazing! How you have time to keep doing more & more is so surprising!!!
    At least I can say I used to know you when you weren’t famous!!!!! LOL


  4. says

    Hello Louise,I LOVE your cookies !!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be trying for the first time to do some myself for easter……and i would like to ask you:how long in advance can i do them(decorated with royal icing) and how should i keep them ?
    Thanks in advance for your reply .
    I can’t wait for your ebook :O)
    XX Fátima

  5. says

    Your Easter cookies look so yummy and so beautifully decorated. I love to bake, my passion right now is cupcakes and I love finding new fun ways to decorate them.
    Great to hear you are on Twitter! xx

  6. Louise says

    Amy, mamazieza, Donna: thank you

    Kelly: the cookies will be in my ebook 🙂 Hopefully it will be out very very soon now.

    Kate: Twitter is the latest hot news in micro blogging. Its about to take over Facebook!

    Gena: Do you use royal icing for the flood work? It is important that you dont thin down the icing with too much water. To get the soft colors I use very very little gel paste color. Have you read/looked at all my post regarding cookies ect? There are lot of “good to know” tips.

  7. gena says

    Hi Louise,

    Let me start by saying how beautiful all your work is. I am an aspiring baker/decorator (at home) and look to your page often for inspiration. I do have one question. I have been trying to “flood” my cookies, but am unable to achieve that pastel color and glossy finish your cookies show. When my icing dries, the cookies have a dull appearance to them, and my colors never come out as soft as yours appear. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us all.


  8. Kelly says

    Hi Louise,
    I love your work, everything you do seems to be beautiful. You make it look so easy.
    Thank you so much for your tutorials, they are soo helpful.
    These easter cookies are beautiful, i would love you to do a tutorial for them.

  9. Donna @ WayMoreHomemade says

    Hi. Just found your blog because I found you on twitter. Going to “follow” you there and I look forward to reading your blog as well.

  10. mamazieza says

    hi louise.. i’m getting the ‘twitters’ waiting for ur e-book.. hehehe.. pls.. pls don’t forget me when it is ready.. hehehe

  11. Louise says

    Jackie, in awe of your work , Patrincia, Bea, Ladybug Luggage, ana, Rita, Vivian, isabel, kim, Dora, Diane, Vera: Thank oyu all so much. Your support means alot to me 🙂

    Debbie: Im Louise in CC 🙂 THX

    Robin: Have you looked through my tutorials?? I have some good post about cookies, royal icing filled with great tips.

    Paula: Hehe… brilliant! I could take one myself 🙂

    Silvia: There are lots of help on how to use Twitter. I am only a newbird 😉 myself overthere.

    Anika, Amanda & Mari CCS: Thank you for the support

    Lene: Mange tak!

    Carie, Leslie, lyzzie, Rachel & MyDiwa: Thank you 🙂

  12. lyzzie says

    Dear, Louise:

    These are a beatiful I liked your work .Congratulations.

    Salutes from Monclova,Coahuila Mexico.

  13. Rachel says

    The cookies are so cute. I have been looking for ideas for my son’s Easter basket, now I have one. Thanks!

  14. says

    hey you are such a talented cooker! amazing cookies darling! and for sure I’ll follow you on Twitter..:-P guess you have to teach me how to use it however 😀


  15. paula says

    hi louise,
    the easter cookies look absolutely fabulous……
    looking forward for your e book….
    at the moment we’re adicted to the bananacakes with the chocolate frosting……
    gr paula

  16. Robin says

    These are perfect. I’m trying so hard to make the icing the right consistency to be able to go all the way to the edge without it going over, and so far pretty difficult. I have a lot of respect for the art of icing cookies like you do. Even when I outline the cookie first, you can see the outline too much.

  17. Vera says

    The cookies are absolutely beautiful !! I can’t wait to get your e-book. I am amazed everytime I see your site. The work you do is out-standing.

  18. Kim says

    These are adorable!!! Wish I had some about now with a cup of tea. I cannot wait until the e-book comes out. You are so talented.

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