Brownie Fun! book review

image1I was so lucky to get a free copy of the new book Brownie Fun! from Wilton. It is filled with many new fun ways to bake, decorate and serve brownies for all occasions.

Wilton have also made a new product line for making brownies and in that line you will find great silicone pops moulds, brownie tools, combo cutters and much more.

In Brownie Fun! you will find lots of great decorating ideas and some of my favourites in the book is, Fudgy Freeze : brownies turned into ice creams on ice cream sticks and dipped in colorful sprinkles. Soda Celebration: sweet ice cream brownie soda’s with pretzel straws and cherries on top. Happy Hats: Fun polka dot brownie party hats.

So if you like brownies but want to turn them into a more festive treat then I am sure that you will find inspiration in the Brownie Fun! book.

Happy Caking



  1. I have this book too,it`s a really fun book, my family enjoyed the recipes,thanks for all your ideas and recipes.I like a lot your web page.

  2. I am soo excited I teach Wilton courses and now will be able to offer Brownie classes based off this book! I love the little egg brownies..

  3. I picked up one of their new silicone brownie pans – the one that makes the individual 1″ square portions. My family loves it and I love the portion control. They are the perfect bite size brownies.


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