cake magazine
I love when a new cake book or magazine arrives in my mailbox. That means, for me spending (many) hours in my favourite armchair, maybe with a cup of coffee and just diving into the glossy pages of cake. That’s why this August favourites, is all about cake reading.

Cake magazines:
I have had the pleasure of reading the magazines: Cakes & Sugarcraft
and Cake Craft Decoration for many years now. I wrote about them when I first started this blog, back in 2007 and they deserve an extra mention again.

cake magazine
Both of the magazines have really great cake content, and a great mix of tutorials in different levels. You can learn all sorts of cake decoration, including sugar flower making and figurines. Both magazines are for all who loves cake decorating. The Cake Craft & Decoration magazine is also the face behind the famous Cake International show in Birmingham (UK).

cake magazine
I know that you can get two cake magazines in the US: American Cake Decorating and the Cake Central Magazine. Unfortunately, I have not read them. I would really love to. So I was hoping for some help from you guys. If you have read the magazines? Please tell me a little more about them. I would love to hear some personal reviews on both magazines!
cake magazine

Wedding Cakes:
If you love wedding cakes. Then take a look at the magazine: Wedding Cakes. Here you can find great inspiration, for all types of wedding cakes. It is packed with photos of wedding cakes made by cake makers from all over the world. A lot of my cake friends have had their cakes published in this magazine. I really like how they show the cakes in different themes and colors.
Wedding cake magazine

Cake books, my personal collection:
There are a very large collection of cake books in my Amazon book stores. But I have decided to add a new catagory to them. My personal collection, here you will find all the books that I have on my bookshelf so far. Many of them had been read over and over again.
If you want to see my personal collection then please click for Amazon UK or Amazon US

Happy Caking!