Top 5 crafty cupcake topper ideas & tutorials

cupcake toppers
I find it just as fun to create cake decorations in other materials than fondant and gum paste. Sometimes it is also much easier to make a certain type of decoration with glue and paper than if you were making it with fondant. There are so many great crafty sites and here are some of the ones that I love most when it comes to making crafty cupcake toppers.

This is my top 5 list for cupcake toppers:

#1 Sweet paper cupcake toppers.
Step by step instructions on how to make cute paper cupcake topper, using scrapbooking materials.

#2 Vintage style cupcake toppers.
These vintage (Easter) cupcake toppers are the sweetest. This tutorial is for a little lamb, but you can use the chick and bunny as inspiration to make your own vintage cupcake toppers.

#3 DIY fabric flower cupcake topper.
A great way to use fabric scraps for cupcake toppers.

#4 DIY Pom-Pom Cupcake Topper Tutorial.
Make a sweet pom-pom shaped decoration out of tissue paper for cupcake embellishment.

#5 Pinwheel cupcake toppers.
There is nothing more cheerful than pinwheels and kids loves them.

I hope that you will enjoy these tutorials as much as I do.

Happy Caking!



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    It sounds interesting. I think I will try and find out a little more about it.
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  2. Sweet Scarlet Designs says

    Thanks so much for this post – some great info here. Is it ok if I share your post on my Facebook page?

  3. cakeacademy says

    Thanks for sharing Louise – I have designed some new wrappers – let me know what you think x

  4. lidia @ sugurslut says

    the vintage style cupcake toppers are absolutely lovely!
    Can’t wait to try and make them. thank you for sharing.

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