CakeJournals January favourites

I have two things I wanna share with you as CakeJournal’s January favourites. The first one is about the Sydney Opera House Cake made by the famous Planet Cake located in Sydney, Australia. The reason why I find this really interesting is that first of all it is an amazing project. Secondly a lot of us Danes are especially proud of the Sydney opera house since it was designed by the danish architect JΓΈrn Utzon.

Here are some facts about the amazing cake:
The cake was made for Australia Day.
It took them 7 days to make (60-70 hours)
There were 21 volunteers who came from Australia, Qld, Vic, NSW and even one from Dubai. On top of that the whole Planet Cake staff.
There was 250 Slabs of Mud Cake Used.
300Kg of Ganache
189Kg of Fondant Icing

You can see videos of the making on Planet Cake.
The photos are kindly provided by Planet Cake

I too am working on a cake project, not as big though. A 2 tier christening cake for a little boy. Therefor I have been in the kitchen, baking delicious chocolate cakes. Cutting cakes easily without any problems was a nightmare in my early days of cake decorating. It was the part of the whole process that I hated the most.

In 2007 I bought myself an Agbay Cake Leveler and four years later it is still one of my most treasured cake tools of them all. If you dont know about the Agbay Cake Leveler? then see it in action in the video below.

Happy Caking!



  1. I am an Aussie and I am very proud of our beautiful Opera House. I am, however, supremely saddened and disappointed with the way Mr Utzon (the creator of our country’s most beautiful and recognised manmade landmark) was treated during the building process. I do not believe he ever saw the House completed as he was driven away from his project due to conflicts with obnoxious bureaucrats. He was not even invited (nor mentioned) when the Queen declared the building open. Appalling. An Aussie to a Dane; sorry πŸ™

    Happier subject – I love your blog and have made many things from it πŸ™‚

  2. That leveler looks amazing. I just bought a different one and I hate it. Planet Cakes work is amazing too. They and you are such an inspiration.

    • Well it’s all thanks to you Shara πŸ™‚ If you haven’t posted your Agbay on flickr back then, I would still have nightmares about cake leveling!!!!

    • Well it’s all thanks to you Shara πŸ™‚ If you haven’t posted your Agbay on flickr back then, I would still have nightmares about cake leveling!!!!

  3. Do you have a good recipe to share for a chocolate cake good for making tiered cakes? I actually don’t have one that I love yet…

  4. I am so infatuated with Planet cake their work is AMAZING! I am about to buy that Agbay myself, and I can’t wait to add it to my arsenal!

    • Maria, I would so love to attend one or all of PC’s classes πŸ˜€ You will LOVE the Agbay!!!!! The one that I have is the single blade one. I can see the smart thing about the double one, but I still find the single blade more versatile. I think that Sharon Z uses it for her Topsy Turvy cakes? Just be careful when you clean it…its razor sharp.


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