The Agbay Cake Leveler

Agbay Cake Leveler

This is my new favourite tool and let me just say it is FANTASTIC!!!. I will never have any problems with leveling and torting my cakes ever again.

I tried it this weekend and what a joy it was to use. This is the tool that all who bakes cakes should have. I can only recommend to buy The Agbay Cake Leveler you will not get disappointed!

Happy Caking!



  1. We absolutely love the Agbay Cake levelers so much that we now stock them in the UK. They slice so easily through fruit cakes, even with nuts in, no bending or flexing blades and perfect cutting every time.

  2. Trini: It depends on how cold your mud cake is. If it have a very hard crusty edge it may need a little help at first but is goes though it with ease. Some cut their muds when they are still warm.

  3. I have the Wilton Leveler and find it only cuts through soft sponge cakes! Does the Agbay go through harder cakes like mud cakes with just as much ease?

  4. What a gorgeous website you have, masha Allah! I read about Agbay on Wilton’s Discussion Forum and I’m looking around for other opinions on their cake leveler.

  5. Tyla: No I dont think that you can get it in AU. But im sure that they will send it to you. I know a few aussies who also have it.

  6. I couldn’t picture making cakes without this guy. Word of seemingly obvious warning though- that knife goes through skin like hot butter! I sliced to the bone on my pinky with it just barely knocking my hand into one with the blade cover off a year or so ago. Use the blade cover always! Haha.

  7. pinkbox: I agree. It is simply the best piece of tool to work with. No more troubles on how to do the leveling any more.

  8. I absolutely love my agabay!! I won it last year and it has made such a difference in leveling my cakes… (no more unintentional wonky cakes haha)

    Definately worth its weight in GOLD!!

  9. I first bought the one from Wilton and was ready to trash it on the very first day I tried it. Not a great buy!

    Until I got my Agbay have I use a really long knife it was ok but this is 10 thousands times better.

  10. I had mine since 2001 and have recommended it to so many people. I think 10 people from the UK have bought it based on my recommendations and they all rave about it.


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