Pingu Christening cake

This Pingu christening cake was made as a gift for our best friends little boy Magnus. The parents both love Pingu, so it was easy to decide what should be sitting on top of the cake. Both Pingu and the toys are made from rolled fondant mixed with Tylo powder (CMC).

I also made the Pingu cake topper on thin cardboard, so that they could keep the topper as a keepsake. Inside the cake was a moist chocolate cake and raspberry mousse (recipes on the way). I coated the cake with Italian Meringue Buttercream and covered it with rolled fondant in a pretty ice blue color. I used some cookie cutters to cut out his name and the christening date was embossed on the round circles.

The cake was a huge success!

Happy Caking!



  1. I always refrigerate cakes with a cream filling. It will cause some sweating when you take out the cake to room temp. but usually it will dry up fine again. If it was a mud with ganache I would not store it in the refrigerator but if possible in a cool room.

  2. By adding tylo to the fondant, you can model figurines that holds its shape instantly and it will also dry/harden faster. I use it for small cut out flowers too, just not the wired type of flowers, here I use flower gum paste.


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