These beautiful decorations is called “chocolate transfers” and was made by one of my flickr friends Julie. She have told me that she found the inspiration from the book Whimsical Bakehouse written by Kaye & Liv Hansen.

Julie is great at making these chocolate transfers and have recently started a small home business called sugarcoatedlove from where you can buy handcrafted sweet treats for all occasions.

If you would like to try making chocolate transfers yourself. You can get the book from one of my cake book stores. Also I have found out that The Whimsical Bakehouse will publish a brand new book next year called: Little cakes from the whimsical bakehouse. So there is something to look forward to for all your whimsical bakehouse fans.

You can find the Whimsical bakehouse book in my cake book store:
Whimsical bakehouse US
Whimsical bakehouse UK

Happy Caking