Whimsical cakes by Caroline and Irene

The cake on the left is made by Caroline and is covered with rolled fondant. The cake on the right is made by Irene and is covered with butter cream and decorated with fondant accents. It can be a bit tricky to make Whimsical cakes, but I think you both have done a fantastic job. I hope that Caroline’s and Irene’s cakes will inspire others to try making these fun cakes.

Happy Caking



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  2. You should be using a firm cake like pund cake or mud cake. You can find many recipes on bakespace.com

    Rolled fondant needs to be pliable but dont knead it to long. As you can knead to much air into the fondant so there will be alot of air bubbles to get rid off.

  3. Great ideas! Pls post a great recipe of cake that i can use for this kind of cake( Whimsical). And one more thing in fondant, is it ok to knead longer or there is over kneading?

  4. Hello Andrea,

    It depends a lot on what kind of cake it is. If it have a filling or not. As when I make cakes with fillings I often make a fruit mousse and ganache. Then I often use a thin coat with marzipan and then rolled fondant.

    If I dont have a filling I only use a thin coat of butter cream and rolled fondant. Yes it may seam like double work and it do the cake a bit more expensive but I just dont have the time or the nerves NOT to “double” cover my cakes. Also I like the taste of marzipan and fondant together.


  5. Hi Louise,

    How are you ? I’d like to ask you something…
    What do you normally do to make your cakes even and flat before covering them with rolled fondant ?
    I still have a little bit of problem to even my cakes.
    I have seen that Peggy Porschen, Masie Parrish for example first cover the cake with marzipan and then a second coat with rolled fondant…what about you ?
    Thanks !


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