Christening cake with owls

Christening cake with owls
I have been waiting to show you my latest cake. A two tier cake, decorated with owls, hearts and flowers for a girls Christening party. The flavor combinations for the cakes were: Dark chocolate mud cake, raspberry mousse and chocolate ganache. Crumb coated with Italian Meringue Buttercream and covered with rolled fondant.

For the younger guests of the party. I baked some vanilla cupcakes with a spread of royal icing, sprinkles and fondant flowers. All matching the color scheme of the Christening cake.
Cake with owls
I made the owls by using an egg shaped cookie cutter and used the pointy end of the egg cutter to cut off the top of the “egg/owl”. A small oval fondant cutter was used for the “belly”.
This methode could be easily be used, if you want to make fondant decorated sugar cookie owls for your next party.

Happy Caking!



  1. waw,i really love your cake,it s nice and so”clean”,i mean you got the professionnal touch i m trying so hard to achieve!!
    and the inside seems to be sooo good: great combo,miam!!!

    i wanted to thank you for your amazing post about IMBC,it’s thanks to you that i know how to make it now,but i need some more practice on how to use it.
    i use fondant on my cakes,and i would love to use mousse as a filling.i know that fondant and mousse is not easy to use together;

    as for you,i can use IMBC to frost my cake under fondant? did you have some troubles with mousse and IMBC? it seems like they re gonna get messy!!
    when you take your cake out of the fridge,the cake doesn t sink? because the mousse doesnt seem to be heavy enough to support the weight????
    does it make sense?
    i m sorry for my bad english,i speak french,and i m not sure to be clear !!
    thank you very much for sharing all of your knowledge in cake decorating,your posts are a big help!!!

    • Mousse and IMBC works perfect together. I have never had problems covering a mousse filled cake, it is much worse if I use a regular buttercream. No the cake wont sink I pipe about 1-1/2 cm of filling in my cakes. As long as the mousse sets firm no problems at all.
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  2. Hi luise,

    Could you please let us know where did you use chcolate ganache and the link of your recipie if tehre is somewhere around your blog. I appreciate your work. Lovely!

    Thank you,

  3. A big fan of yours! Always perfect colour combinations -soft and gentle. Love the owl!
    Thanks for sharing with the world!

    • I used the alphabet set from JEM

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  4. Italian BC acts perfect under fondant, if you have a mousse filling in your cake. I have had difficulties using ganache if I had soft fillings in my cakes. I do use ganache too. It just depends on what’s inside the cake.

  5. Louise, oh my.  The cake is darling, but the inside sounds amazing!!  Thanks for sharing how to make the owls.  What a great tip!

  6. Thanks for sharing Louise – your colour combo is beautiful and the owls are perfection – so simple and so very effective! I love your work.

  7. That cake is adorable!!! I was thinking a christening cake with owls??? Just adorable love the colors too. You have the best ideas.


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