Jack Skellington brownie bites

Halloween treats
I am thinking out possible treats for our haunted Halloween party. Maybe will these brownie bites be on the menu?

Jack Skellington the pumpkin king, is so easy to make. Just cut out a white fondant disc and some black fondant for his eyes and nose and a black gourmet writer (Americolor) for the mouth.

I have used a little dab of buttercream to keep the Jack’s in place on top of the brownie bites. I always use this recipe for the brownies. If you use milk chocolate the taste is more mild if your kids don’t like a strong chocolate taste.
Halloween treats

Happy Caking!



  1. Mollie says

    Darling! My family is obsessed with Jack, Jack, The Pumpkin King! I might just burst into song:o) Thanks for sharing!

    • Anonymous says

      My son used to sing: Disney’s Halloween, Disney’s Halloween 😀 He didn’t knew the song title was: This is Halloween 😉 I thought it was so cute 🙂

  2. BlazingCakes says

    Those are adorable! I would even add a layer of buttercream, just a skinny one, under the disc!  They look fabulous!

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