CakeJournals November favourites

Welcome to the first monthly post of CakeJournal’s favourites. Every month I will make a post about cake books, cake tools, cake crafts, cake recipes and cake websites that I find interesting. So lets start with CakeJournals November favourites.

I have been waiting impatiently for the book by Zoe Clark: Cake Decorating at home. I was not disappointed when I opend the book. It is filled with sweet and romantic ideas for cake decoration. It has easy to follow step by step instructions and I like how she use both cakes, cookies and cupcakes for the projects. So you can pick out the parts that you like the best. One of my favourite projects in the book are Zoe’s Secret garden party with a birdcage theme. If you love Peggy Porschen, you will also love the book Cake decorating at home by Zoe Clark.

Bookstore US
Bookstore UK

Some of the (new) cake tools that I have been looking at for a long time now, are these sweet Teatime moulds from Squires Kitchen. There are two different designs and with those in your tool box, you can style up any cake, cookie or cupcake with dainty fondant decorations.

Take a look at my friend Pia Marianne’s sweet mini cakes decorated with the mould decorations. So pretty! I just know that these sweet moulds will be in my in my own toolbox very soon.

With Christmas soon approaching I have been looking at this Mini Ball Pan from Wilton. Perfect for making beautiful decorated Christmas bauble mini cakes.

Finally, I will get a copy of the book: 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies by Sandra Salamony and Gina Brown. A book filled with lots of ideas and inspiration. I cant wait to flick through it and hopefully recognise some of the creations made by some of you readers and other friends from the cakeblog world.

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What kind of great cake things have you been looking at this November? Please share.

Happy Caking!



    • It all depends on how big you want your cake to be. But round cake pans and a half ball cake pan that fits the round cake pans is what you should use. Love birdcage cakes, they are so romantic.

  1. Thanks for your sharing ~~ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was a beginner in cake baking / decorating and I loved your website so much ! You taught me a lot ! Thank you ~~~~
    I got the book of 1000idea from local bookshop too ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Oh, I know I want that book also! And the molds too. would be lucky enough to grab them . Never used them before but I think itโ€™s time to start, donโ€™t you? LOL

  3. Hi, Louise,
    I’m the publicity director at Storey Publishing,and we’d like to send you a new cake cookbook we’ve just published entitled A World of Cake. Written by Krystina Castella, it features 150 recipes from cake traditions around the world. We’d be happy to offer it to your readers as a giveaway as well. May I send it to you for your opinion? Thanks!

  4. Ooooooo. That book looks amazing! I have been looking at Thanksgiving themed cupcakes (I’m in the US). So many to choose from to bake… so little time!

  5. I have one of the moulds and love it- its so easy to use!I work at Squires Kitchen so it’s lovely to see them on here. The books look wonderful – I shall be adding those to my christmas list!

  6. That’s too funny. I just ordered both of those books from Amazon. I was hoping the decorating at home book would be as good as the 1000 booked seemed.

  7. I am writing a book which has a lot of sweet things in it, so last month I used large amounts of icing sugar etc… an this month I decided to have a break from it. Then next month is Xmas…

    But I have been looking around for tools too, cutters in particular, and I would love an icing mat decorated with flowers or butterflies for Xmas… pity I cannot find it here. Maybe buy on the net? Any suggestions Louise

    Those cupcake/cake moulds are adorable!!!

  8. Thanks for the reviews….I love your site….I’m new visiting it, but its one of my favorites right now…I from Mazatlan,Sinaloa in Mexico..and is great to see and know about people that likes the same I do…

    Have a very nice day….


  9. I purchased the book, from Zoe Clark, and love it! I did notice the likeness to Peggy Porchens work. I guess that’s why I was drawn to it.

  10. Please give me advice regarding the Cake Cricut. I am considering purchasing one but in my mind I can’t justify it. I have seen the tutorials and read some comments. Please let me know how your experience has been with using the Cake Cricut. Thanks

  11. I love the cake using the molds, adorable. i also love her website. I was lucky enough to have been published in the 1000 ideas for cupcakes,cakes,and cookies thanks to you! If I hadn’t been a follower of your blog I would have never known. Anyway, our local newspaper did an article on me about being published in the book and I made a couple cakes you can check out on my blog Thanks again for being such a great inspiration!
    P.s. i would love to know how you take such great photos and what kind of lighting you use! Tammy

  12. Thanks for the wonderful collection of things on my “to purchase” list–better start saving now–pretty soon you’ll have December’s list out–I’m in trouble, lol! Happy Holidays and I give thanks for your wonderful blog!!

  13. Oh, I know I want that book also! And the molds too. Love them. Never used them before but I think it’s time to start, don’t you? LOL


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