Attention CakeJournal readers – get excited!

Spend the first weekend of 2010 surrounded by cake and frosting.

The US Confection Connection is hosting the first ever NY Cake Convention January 2-5 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Cake decorators from around the world are coming together for a four-day convention filled with demos, classes, competition and prizes – all focused on our favorite baked good!

I have been in contact with one of the PR reps from the Confection Connection and she has granted me permission to interview her as well as some of the presenters and guests before the convention – so what do the CakeJournal readers want to know?

I will be interviewing her sometime this month. Leave your questions as comments in this post and I will try my best to get the answers. As soon as I find out which guest I will be speaking with, I’ll let you know and you can send your questions my way.

I’m hoping to attend this amazing event, and if so, meet many of you there!

For more info check out the convention web site:  NY Cake Convention

Happy Caking!