Confection Connection’s Cake Convention


Attention CakeJournal readers – get excited!

Spend the first weekend of 2010 surrounded by cake and frosting.

The US Confection Connection is hosting the first ever NY Cake Convention January 2-5 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Cake decorators from around the world are coming together for a four-day convention filled with demos, classes, competition and prizes – all focused on our favorite baked good!

I have been in contact with one of the PR reps from the Confection Connection and she has granted me permission to interview her as well as some of the presenters and guests before the convention – so what do the CakeJournal readers want to know?

I will be interviewing her sometime this month. Leave your questions as comments in this post and I will try my best to get the answers. As soon as I find out which guest I will be speaking with, I’ll let you know and you can send your questions my way.

I’m hoping to attend this amazing event, and if so, meet many of you there!

For more info check out the convention web site:  NY Cake Convention

Happy Caking!



  1. I’ve been talking with some Cake Designers booked to teach in this convention and they are concern. Some have not heard anything about their flights or more information about the show. However I don’t think this is scam. I think the organizers need to sell their classes before buying or paying anyone for that matter. If the classes or competitions are not sold because people afraid, the event will never happen. I’m do not know or I’m part of this event, but I do work with events and I do understand what they are going thought trying to put this show together. This is a great opportunity for the East Coast and I think people should have a little more faith. Besides If you pay with your credit card you will be OK. Cheers!

  2. Hello,

    I am so very happy that the NY Cake Convention is coming! Living here in NY I can tell you that this is a actual not factual event. I registered for almost every activity that is taking place. I found out about the convention from the NY Daily News which is very reliable New York newspaper. I have also contacted the venue because I plan on staying in Manhattan the entire show. They will also confirm that the event is taking place. I think it is horrible that anyone would go to the extreme of telling people to stay away from such a wonderful event. I also commend the Cake Journal authors for doing their own research and backing up their post. There are over 20 well known designers already backing the convention so this nameless famous designer should do his/her own reserch.
    I usually only check the post but today felt the need to comment after reading that.

    On another note, can you ask the rep what made them decide to have a cupcake decorating competition. I have been to many cake shows and this is the first time cupcake decorating has ever been promoted. I love the concept and I am sure many other shows will now follow in their foot steps.

  3. Private: I can inform you that my co-writer Michelle indeed have done her research about this convention. She have been in contact with the organisers about this event. So we do believe that this event will take place 🙂

  4. I live in NY and I am a well known cake designer, I think everyone should be very carefull before booking any of these classes or going further with this event. Unfortunately the organizers are unknown around here. Please do some research before informing your readers about the Convention.


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