Quick mini rose tutorial

I got a few request on how to make a quick mini rose like the ones on the photo. They are super easy to do and even kids can make them.

The equipment is only:
Colored rolled fondant or gum paste
Small knife
Small leaf cutter
You make the quick mini roses in the palm of your hand, so remember to use some cornstarch on your hands, to prevent the roses from sticking.

Step 1:
Take a small amount of fondant and roll it into a ball and then roll it into a little sausage.
The amount of fondant determine the size of your mini rose. I like to go with a hazelnut or pea size when I make them.

Quick mini rose tutorial 1

Step 2:
Flatten the sausage with your fingers. Dont make it to flat and thinly. Use your forefinger and roll it into a little rose.
At this point you could use a rolling pin, but I find that this can change the look of the mini rose. Thats why I just flatten it with my fingers.

Quick mini rose tutorial 2

Step 3:
Cut any excess fondant of the mini rose with a knife, if needed.

Quick mini rose tutorial 3

To make the small leafs: Take some green rolled fondant. Cut out a small circle with the wide end of a piping tip. Now with the tip cut off small bits of the green circle. Pinch one of the ends and you have a small leaf.

Happy Caking!