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Oh my god!! Two of my cupcake photos have been featured in a nationwide danish newspaper called Berlingske Tidende with reference to my blog. The article was about the cupcake. Cupcakes are not well known in Denmark, compared to fx. UK and US, but the newspaper descripes it as a new trend. I really hope that this article will help the cupcake to get common in cafés etc. Im really proud that my pictures were chosen 🙂

Happy Caking!



  1. AnaP: Go for the IMBC I just love that one (look under tutorials). It may sound difficult but its really easy to make. Or maybe the 7 minute frosting (use Google).

    Since we dont have hot weather like you I have not had any trouble so I think that I will advise you to visit for a better answer.

  2. Hi Louise! Love your website! Hey I need a full-proof icing recipe to decorate my cupcakes (with that big swirl on top!) I live in El Salvador, Central America, so we have very hot weather, what frosting can i use??

  3. Hello from Toronto,

    Congrats on the magazine.
    I do love cupcakes to eat and to use for my photo shots.
    I am always looking for new ones.
    I design paper crowns.
    Meet the Paper Crown Queen!

    Warm regards,


  4. So exiting !!! What a great compliment Louise !
    of course it’s no wonder they choose yyou, they are just stunning.
    Like this nice blog !

  5. Ohh my I am blushing now:-)
    Yes this feels really good I must say. Thank you so so much my dear friends for the very sweet comments.

    Hugs Louise

  6. Congratulations Louise…. This is fantastic news, I am sure you will get many more people using your photos for cupcake articles in the future. Well done : )

    I’m happy for u too. U really best at cupcaking. Yummy!! Hope your cupcakes get more opportunities to appear on magazines & newspaper.


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