We have had the most fantastic warm summer weather. So standing in the kitchen with the oven on has not been on my agenda lately. But I have pulled myself together to make some cupcakes for a little cupcake project on the Cakes & More forum.

Embossed blue cupcake

3 Different Cupcake Decoration Ideas to Make at Home

So I have made three different cupcake decorations 1. swirl. 2. embossing and 3. animals.

The swirls did not turn out the best because the whipped chocolate ganache that I used did not like the heat and curdled a lot.

For the sweet blue cupcakes, I used a small embossing stick from Holly Products. I topped them with small sugar roses and leaves. The sticks are also great to use on fondant decorated cookies. The cute little turtle is made out of modeling paste = ready-made fondant of about 8 oz. mixed with 1 tsp. of Tylo Powder and kneaded well.

Turtle cupcake topper

But I have also another cupcake project coming up in fact I am just about to get started on it. I am in this group on Flickr called Flickr Bake-off! where you can challenge another person for a “Throw Down”. Then you both decide what theme it should be and if it is going to be a cake, pie, cookie, or a cupcake you want to make. You have about 14 days to make whatever you have decided and the photos then go for a vote. All just for fun like it just should be πŸ™‚

So I am a bit late so I will show you my results when the voting is over……. Oh, btw the theme is “fairies” Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Happy Caking!