Sweet embossing tools

Embossing on rolled fondant

As a little follow up to my last post I wanted to share with you some of the sweet embossing tools that I like to use.

Patchwork Cutters has a large variety and many different designs and you can even use some of them as cutters if you like.

Patchwork Cutter embossing tools

Make a Crib: This set comes with 2 different sizes of the cute teddy bear .

Nursery set and Baby Lion & Nursery Items

Butterflies, Ladybirds & Bees

Quilting Embosser

Teddy Bear Picnic

Blossom & Leaf Sprays

Tubby Alphabeth

Mini Holly & Misteltoe

Christmas Midi Set

Holly Products embossing sticks

I also like the small embossing sticks from Holly Products. That comes with 6 sticks in each set. The ones that I have are the Flower Embroidery set 10, the Nursery set 12 and the Side Designs set 2 (I have used set 10 and 12 on the blue fondant)

Which kind of embossers do you like to use?

Happy Caking!



  1. Does anyone know of a online cake decorating shop in the United States?
    I love all the info and ideas I have gotten from CakeJournal.
    Thank you!!

  2. Help!!! I would like to place an order for the embossing tools.  How do I go about this? It shows uk. Someone please help.


  3. Hola me encanta tu blog, llegé a el gracias a Delicias del buen vivir. Muchas gracias por tus consejos y tu generosidad de compartí.
    Un abrazo fuerte desde Gran Canarias.

  4. Dear Louise,
    I´m really interested in the embossing tool you have at the very top of this post (first picture). I could not find it following the link you have provided. It leads me to what looks like a British website. Do you know any other store/web site from where I can order it in the US? I really appreciate your help.

  5. Hi! I’m in the Dominican Republic so I buy in US based online retailers is there anywhere I can these online this side of the pond??? they are just gorgeous (as everything else on your blog!) I’m a budding pastry chef and I just want them so bad!

  6. Dear Louise,
    I have just started a group on facebook”Reem’s Cakes” to promote my cakes, decided finally that I will go public with my work after one year of hesitatiion. I would love for you to visit my group and give me your feed back, and feel free to invite anyone to join. Thanx,
    Reem 🙂

  7. Louise, I know that you read these comments and I think it is amazing that you take the time to answer all of our questions. Thank you so much for that and for the inspiration you provide me. 🙂

    I have the Patchwork Cutters crib set that I purchased somewhere … sometime. I finally decided to use it for a baby shower cake, but there are no instructions. I’ve searched online, but have come up empty handed. Can you recommend a source that I can go to for these instructions or perhaps a tutorial?

    Thanks so much!

  8. Deepika, I know this might be too late an answer, but I work in Manhattan and there’s a store on 22nd Street that sells baking stuff. But here’s the thing, mostly everything is imported from the UK and that’s why it’s double the price! You are so lucky to be there.

  9. Thank you for all the great ideas! I would always use a rolling pin but then the fondant would end up streching! But this is great; I love these!

  10. Safia: Try and take contact to Flours Confections http://www.flourconfections.ca Maybe they will be able to ordering them for you? I know that they stock some of Patchworks.

    Sylvania: it depends on where you are located?

    anncoo: please share with us the name of that bakery shop. It is always nice to where they can be purchased

    Deepika: Try and search for: “cake decorating supplies manhattan” I know some sites will come up. But again you can get the most of it in the UK and the price is much cheaper I think. I only shop from the UK sites 😉

    Yamel: Well I know that many use scrapbooking stamps ect. to emboss fondant the only thing is that they are not made to be used on fondant= not foodgraded materials. I personally would not have a problem with that, but I am sure that it would be alot different if you very in business.

    Modelling chocolate is good when you want choc roses or anything else edible on your cakes that has a nice chocolate flavour.

    Patricia & RoseIraNatasha: Try and take contact to Cake Connection http://www.cakeconnection.com.my they may be able to help you out. Also check YM’s comment no 29

    Zahra: Flour Confections have them: https://www.flourconfections.ca/shop/product_info.php?cPath=57_69&products_id=1083

    Carol: Black can be hard to work with. If you can (depending on what you are decorating) try and let the black icing dry abit before you ad the next color or vice versa. You should not refrigerate the cookies. I have heard from others living in the tropics that they too had problems getting the icing to dry. Some use the oven, but im not sure that is an good idea. Im not sure that I can give you a good answer on the problem, sorry 🙁

    Kate: The embossing sticks makes a small pattern, yes. I would use large scrolls cutters ect. only not pressing them through the fondant on bigger cakes. Most of Patchworks can be used on cakes aswell.

    illy: Please see YM’s comment.

  11. I’ve been following your site for a while now and the things you do are so creative! I have a question – these embossing sticks look like they produce very small patterns – is there anything for embossing a larger cake that you know of? Any advice greatly appreciated! thank you :o)

  12. Louise, I have been following yr lovely and helpful site for the last few months and have found it to be most helpful and beautifully presented. Keep up the great work and keep posting tutorials. I LOVE them.
    I made some icing cookies the other day and found that the black icing was bleeding into the surrounding colors after while. Is this because they should be kept refrigerated? This will be a problem if cookies are laid out in non-air conditioned room…..I live in the tropics….
    Pls. advice.

  13. Hey there! Ive been looking for a REALLLYYY long time for some of those butterfly cutters….but the only ones I have managed to find are like $25 + tax + shipping! Just for a butterfly!

    Do you know any that are cheaper and preferably in Canada…I live in Ottawa Ontario …thanks a bunch!:)

  14. Dear Louise,

    So cute and I really love it. How do I order because I am staying in Malaysia. Can I get it from “Cake Connection” in Malaysia.

    Have a nice day.

    Thank you.

  15. I soo love your site. its nice of you to provide all these tutorials. i check itout every day. just wanted to say thank you.. 😉 also can we emboss fondant with stamps. and what is your opinion on modeling chocolate? what is it good for? thank you again

  16. I have some of these embossers which i used on some cupcakes for baby shower – they’re are sooo cute and really easy to charm up a simple cake or cupcake!

  17. Dear Louise I just love your website and I’m going through all the news views and reviews! 🙂 However, I do have a question please – I live in London, and I have a friend who’s kindly offered to do some sugarcraft shopping for me 🙂 however, he’s going to be in Manhattan and I wondered if you could recommend one or two good sugarcraft shops (with a website) where he could go and pick up some things for me. I’d be most grateful for any help and advise! Many thanks and keep up the awesome work! Happy Baking! D 🙂

  18. Hi Louise,
    I recently discovered your Website and I LOVE it!

    For a crème brulée cake, you can use stove-top crème brulée as a filling.
    I`ve also found a website advertising a crème brulée wedding cake described as follow : Vanilla chiffon cake layered with vanilla bean custard and caramel filling.
    ~ J’espère que ça vous sera utile!

  19. I had never used embossing tools until reading your blogs – I now use the ‘holly’ ones all the time and want to thank you for both inspiring me in the first place and then providing me with so many new ideas!

  20. Louise, these are great–always looking for more tools to make unique cupcakes!! I started thinking of the box” with my tools and started looking at sculpting tools such as texture rubbing sheets and take my fondant and roll over the sheets with my rolling pin–very cheap and cost effective way to add pretty textures. I also started using mini rubber stamps and stencils, I cut them out with an exacto knife. It’s amazing what we cupcakers can do–thanks for all your tips!!

  21. Thanks for sharing. I love your journal. You make such pretty cakes and your instuctions are wonderful. Thanks for all the lovely ideas.

  22. Brenda: I have tried searching for it but nothing comes up. Do you think that it could be “CREME BOUQUET” flavoring from CK Products? or try and search for “white chocolate creme brulee cake”?

  23. Hello Louise, I check your site daily, I love to read how you do things, they have helped me a lot. I have a problem that I wanted to ask you about. I have a bride that insists that she has tasted a white wedding cake that is creme bru le flavored. Do you know how I would achive that flavor for a wedding cake? Thank you so much, Brenda


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