Gum paste peonies

What do you think of my gum paste peonies? I have been working on them the last couple of days. It is my second go with peonies and I must say that they look difficult to make, but they are quite easy to make.

It is the preparation of all the petals that takes time. I have used a lot of small foam pieces to keep all the petals in place while drying.

I have been thinking on giving them a little petal dust, but Im not sure? I think that I will have to make a little “test” peony to see how it looks.

Happy Caking!



  1. Dreynolds560 says

    Any chance you could do a tutorial on your peonies?  I have seen others and they aren’t as realistic as yours?

  2. MaryPOC says

    Hi Louise! your peonies look great, just got these cutters and i’m looking forward to try them…i’m also really scared lol
    Hope to see a tutorial on these from you soon. 

  3. Carlie says

    these are beautiful!!! Do you have a tutorial or know of one to make these. I would definitely like to try making them.

  4. Helenthecakelady says

    I made some in white, with hints of green petal dust to go on a wedding cake for a family member, they looked beautiful with ivy, white filler flowers and diamant’e sprays.

  5. Gerry says

    Peonies are my favourite flowers and these are beautiful, so much like the real thing. Thanks for all your tutorials too, they have given me lots of ideas.

  6. Rachel says

    I love these! I’ve been looking everywhere for a gumpaste peony like this. Can you please post tutorials? Thank you!!

  7. says

    Stunning!!!!!!… and I am searching every site available to try and find a tutorial. Just wondering if you wired the petals?

  8. Heather says

    Wow!!! Theese are sooo beautiful, I have not been lucky enough to come across your site before, but I will be adding it to my favorites, your work is amazing

  9. Feny says

    Dear Louise,

    These Peonies are amazing! Beyond words….!!!

    Please post the tutorial on how to create this magnificent flower soon..=) Thank you…

  10. says

    Absolutely beautiful job with those intricate flowers! Peonies are my absolute fav! I found you by way of “Small Burst”, and am glad I stopped by. I’ve subscribed to your RSS. I’m pastry chef and cake artist (currently on hiatus). Love to see what talent is out there! Cheers! Jenn

  11. says

    All I can say is: I take my hat off to you! Congratulations! Beautiful work, Peonies are my favorite flowers and will love to make them like you do! I followed your and Fran’s tutorial on Large Roses and they came out awesome! Very glad I came across your site. Would love to hear your comments on mine
    Look forward to your tutorial on Peonies.



  12. says

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. I will play a little with the petal dust. I am thinking on a tutorial but please be patience. It takes time, with the photos and writing. So I cant say when there will be a tutorial ready.

    Gabby: Did your cutters come with instructions? Mine did. But I ended up just placing the petals the way that I liked.

    Jennifer: Try and just start with the more “simple” flowers like Sweet peas, roses and carnations. The book you mention is a really good one so do open it.

    Kimberly: I think so too. Yes, I do know Sweetopia, just dont know why it wasn’t on my list? But I have added it now.

    Rebecca: I think each row took about 10 petals.

    Alessandra: I cant say when the tutorial will be ready. It takes time, with the photos and writing.

    Jackie P: Its the Pink color by Sugar Flair a UK brand. Im not sure where to find it in the US?

    Sarah: Tak, Jeg køber for det meste min fondant og jeg bruger den fra KageButikken. Dog tilsætter jeg noget past.æggehvide og tylose + lidt Crisco når jeg laver blomster som roser og de her pæoner. Er det alm mindre blomster og figure mm bruger jeg blot fondant og lidt tylose.

    jenny: Yes, Jackie makes some beautiful flowers. Love her site 🙂

    Jany: I used the ones from Colette Peters. But many brands makes peony cutters.

  13. Office furniture file cabinets says

    Beautiful Peonies…I need a tutorial. How long did it take to prepare the petals? I think if you put the petal dust on them they would look great in my opinion!

  14. kelly cullinane says

    Hi Louise,
    These are so beautiful, they would look stunning on any cake…Are you planning on doing a tutorial on them or do you know where there is a good one to follow…I have tried to google it but they all seem so complicated.
    Well done once again::))

  15. Sarah says

    Too, too beautiful! I love peonies and these are PERFECT specimens! 😀 I hope you put up a tutorial of this 😀 Gorgeous!

  16. MyDiwa says

    They’re gorgeous. I do think a little petal dust at the edges would bring them out more and give them that little extra edge, but they really are lovely.

  17. says

    Very pretty, I recently had a class with jackie butler of petalsweet cakes, and she does wonderful peonies. I hope to learn soon! I think her flowers are so realistic because of the way she colors them, so I’d say go ahead with the petaldust!

  18. Catherine Bedson says

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you for everything you share with us I have learnt so much and am so inspired by you.

  19. Sarah says

    Hej Louise

    Kan godt se i skriver på engelsk, men nu er det at jeg er en hat til at skrive på engelsk, kan godt læse det. Håber det okay jeg skriver på dansk.
    Hold da op hvor er den bare flot, det må ha taget sin tid.
    Vil høre om du selv laver din fondant? Hvis du køber den, hvor køber du den så fra? Vil rigtig gerne igang med at modellere og lave fine blomster, har prøvet med fondant indæltet med tylosepulver, men syns bare ikke det er så godt, det ligner jo næsten modelervoks du bruger 🙂
    Er total fan af din side 🙂

  20. Jackie P says

    I would like to know what shade of colour you used for the peonies, and the roses on the Cath kidston inspired cake? Its a lovely colour.
    ***Also thanks for the reply to my JMR recipe. Have done the Wilton’s recipe, works out well but thought JMR’s was easier to make. If you do at any time figure out an easier recipe and method please let me know. Thanks

  21. Jackie P says

    Dear Louise,
    It looks just beautiful, cant wait to turn it out….with your tutorial as a guide. All that I have tried out from your website, have turned out exactly as promised and peonies are one that I have always wanted to try out, but never did !! Will keep my eyes peeled for the tutorial. Thanks as always, for all you do.

  22. says

    I could definitely see this on a cake for my son, if they were blue or mixed with other blue flowers.

    They are amazing, so detailed.

  23. says

    These are breathtaking! They look so time consumptive, but I LOVE them! I watch your blog and read it always, but I have yet to have ever done any gumpaste in my life. These make me want to learn and master it. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  24. Rosa says

    You are truly Gifted! My daughter(9) and I just love your website and tutorials. You have been such an inspiration to her. She looks forward to every tutorial, and very eager to try them. Thank you for being such an inspiration to her! Your work is full of talent, gracefulness, patience, and love. Just what every little one needs to be taught, so that they too can see the value of creativity, and sharing their gifts with others.

    Thank you!

  25. Penny says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to dabble with the gum paste. How motivating. Tutorial would be appreciated!

  26. Jennifer says

    I am loving these Peonies. I do not get orders for many flowers and I just love seeing the flowers on the cakes in the magazine. Maybe I should spend more of my down time on making flowers and increase my skills in that area. Beautiful job.

  27. Angela says

    I just love them they are my favorite flowers, I or WE all would like to know how you make them…and what you use to make them please!!!!!!!! God bless you hands…

  28. says

    Hi Louise!
    Those turned out great!!! I’ve always found though…as pretty as they can be without dusting, the dust really brings them to life. Test on a scrap piece of paste. You even can ever so subtly skim the edges in like a plum shade. They are gorgeous…
    Jennifer – Sugar Delites

  29. Alessandra says

    I need this tutorial, I have a last minute request wedding cake and these peonies are just perfect on them… please please please, I will pay whatever you want!!!!!!you have such a unique and clean taste to your art. Brava

  30. Nutmeg says

    WOW!! My real life plant peonies are just finishing their blooming and yours look EXACTLY like them!! Such great work! One word — TUTORIAL!!! 😀

  31. Anne says

    They’re beautiful, you’ve done a great job. Hope you post the tutorial, I’d love to try to make them.

  32. dragonflyroses says

    Wow …there amazing!!! You do such beautiful work. Your gumpaste peonies look just like my pink ones that are in full bloom right now!

  33. Bowden says

    Oh My Lord they look so real, COngrads,
    been workingon learning cake decorating myself, havent really tryed guumpaste yet, but want to , please feel free to see my cakes on my blog , Thanks again for sharing your beautifull work

  34. Kimberly says

    Peonies are my favourite flower. They turned out great. I think a little dust would be perfect. I noticed you have a lot of sites that you follow, do you know of

  35. Laury says

    Oh my!!! They are wonderful!!! I have been wanting to make peonies but can’t seem to get them right. Will you be posting a tutorial on how to make them?

  36. Jennifer says

    Beautiful! I’m just beginning to teach myself sugar flowers. Okay, to be fair, just the 5 blossom flowers but I have the Simplifying Sugar Flowers books – just too scared to crack it open yet. LOL

  37. says

    They’re amaaaaaaaaazing! I’ve been wondering about peonies because they are beautiful flowers. I actually have the Colette Peters peony cutters on my GlobalSugarArt wishlist, lol. Pleeeeeeeeease post a tutorial. You write really easy to understand ones with great pictures.

  38. says

    They look beautiful, would never have known it was only your second attempt. You truly are very talented when it comes to working with fondant!

  39. says

    Thank you for the comments. Peonies are so HOT at the moment. I seem them on cakes almost everywhere. There may be a tutorial on them.

    For any questions on which cutter I used: Mine was from Colette Peters. But there are alot of great peony cutters out there in the cake decorating shops.

    Monika: Love your tutorial. Very similar to the way I did mine 🙂

    • Cindi says

      Hi,beautiful flowers. I am just beginning to master the art of the peonie. I love that there are different varieties. Magnolias are also a favorite. I just purchased a peony cutter set from global sugar art.

  40. says

    Wonderful peonies! I also fell in love with peonies and made a tutorial on my blog 🙂
    On the lower right side is the google translator…
    It seems, peonies are in the moment very popular flowers in the sugar world 😉

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