Testing the white chocolate fondant

I have now been testing the white chocolate fondant. I decided to test it on a dummy cake first. That way it was easier to peel off the fondant if there were any problems. I did not experience any problems while covering the dummy cake.

The white chocolate fondant was really wonderful to work with. It rolls out easy and I did not have any troubles with cracks or the fondant tearing. I find dummy cakes the worst thing to cover, but this white chocolate fondant passed its test. Next, is to try it with a real cake…

Happy Caking!



    • No, sorry, the recipe can be found on the DVD with Jennifer Dontz. Which I highly recommend, as it gives you some great tips and tricks on improving your fondant skills.

  1. I can confirm that this fondant is wonderful! I have used Satin Ice in the past but this recipe makes such a nicer fondant with better flexibility and no cracking. Get Jennifer’s DVD if you don’t have it. It is a terrific tool to have for cake makers. It is worth every penny you will spend on it.
    Jennifer is the a super sweet lady and has been an immense help to me 🙂

  2. Hej! Jag bara älskar din sida och du gör så fina saker. Du skriver att du använt en dummy cake. Vad är dummyn gjord av eller har du köpt den någonstans?

  3. Anja: Skriver lige på dansk 😉 De helt små blomster er faktisk en mini calyx. Mener at den er fra TT2? Den anden blomst(8 blads)købte jeg sidste år i sverige.

    Alessandra: I would not say that its very chocolaty in taste but it does have a sent of chocolate.

    Mita: they are a mix of all sorts of flower cutters that I have: Petunia, daisy and even calyx cutters in different sizes.

    Franchesca: I made it with Jennifer Dontz recipe/dvd: http://www.jenniferdontz.com/viewproduct.php?itemid=dvd001

    Vanessa: Thank you. I got the cake stand from a little shop here in Copenhagen 🙂

    Carmen Quinquilla: Try and send your question to Jennifer, im sure she knows about it. [email protected]

    Kim: Good tip 🙂 Thx!

    Shannon: Awwww, indeed I am flattered 🙂

    Inger: I got it from a shop here in Cph.

    Melia: It a mix of many different flower cuters: petunia, daisy, calyx & 5 petal. Jennifer from Sugar delits have 2 great sets of mixed cutters that are really sweet. Both sets are on my wishing list: http://www.jenniferdontz.com/viewproduct.php?itemid=cut056 and this one: http://www.jenniferdontz.com/viewproduct.php?itemid=cut055

    Diana: Yes, the taste is wonderful.

    nadi aidid: You should try it out. I have had so much trouble with fondant lately that it was no fun making cakes. This have certainly brought back the fun.

    Queen of Tarts Cakes: I was thinking on trying Satin Ice, simply because my fondant have been cracking and tearing like crazy. But then I tried this, because we can get Pettinice here and it is wonderful.

    Anonymous: Its a semi homemade fondant. Its Pettinice fondant mixed with Merckens chocolate.

  4. This is a semi-homemade white chocolate fondant. It is made with candy melts. Super easy and performs like a dream. I use Pettinice (Bakel’s) but that’s not to say you can’t use another brand. I always recommend trying the exact same ingredients the first time with my recipes, then experiment. Otherwise, you won’t know how it should come out/perform. We do offer flat rate shipping options. Jennifer 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I went and bought the DVD last night, sure hope I can get the benifit you did! Again thanks for sharing, LOVE your site!

  6. White chocolat fondant … why not ? and the result seems perfect !
    (excuse my approximative english, i can read it easily but it is difficult to write it; I am french)

  7. Your cake looks great. I have such a hard time with Satin Ice fondant. It dries on the collar of the cake and cracks, and even if it looks good it is so chewy and hard after sitting out overnight one night. It’s like a hard shell on a cake and I don’t think kids like it at all.

  8. no cracks? no tearing? wow! i must try this! that is the 2 most things i hate about covering fondant! thanks for sharing! ;D oh and yes dummy cakes is no fun!

  9. Don’t you just love the taste, too? I find that the Pettinice has a soft, sugary texture and flavor and the white chocolate (along w/the corn syrup) brings it to a perfect consistency. Lovely cake, Louise! 🙂

  10. My (soon to be) 7 year old daughter said THIS is the cake she wants for her birthday….feel flattered, it beat out a colorflow Littlest Pet Shop! Beautiful!

  11. I’ve even mixed this fondant with the awful tasting Wilton and it made the Wilton fondant taste delicious! And yes – it’s great to work with as well.

  12. I love white chocolate fondant… you will find that you will too, especially on a cake. It is very forgiving. Sometimes I mix a 50/50 of regular fondant and white chocolate fondant to make it stretch (you know its costly)

  13. Glad you like it Louise! It really does perform like a dream…. and tastes so good! I can’t tell you how many brides I’ve had come over and say they don’t want fondant….then leave here ordering it. There are disgusting fondants on the market which give all a bad name. I put a normal layer of icing, and a thin layer of chocolate fondant. The Easy and Tasty way to perfect fondant outlines this process and also shows how to get the perfect look everytime. If you take each fold, one at a time, there is no reason why you should not get the perfect results shown above. If you have questions, please e-mail me, [email protected]. I love this blog Louise! Thank you for sharing…. Jennifer 🙂

  14. It looks beautiful! I live in the Caribbean where is really hot, do you think it will work well here????? Any way I am going to try it. Thanks!!!!!!

  15. Looks really good Louise, glad to hear it’s easy to work with – will definitely give it a try now. Don’t suppose I can ask you where you got the cake stand from? I’ve been looking for nice glass ones everywhere and not having much luck.

  16. i really like the flower cutters you used on the cake could you tell me which cutters they are?

    Thanks in advance

  17. It looks wonderful, but I cannot imagine the taste…is it very chocolatey? It would be a good change from sugar foundant…

  18. So beautiful!
    The tiny flower is that a Petunia end what about the 8 petal flower? What kind of cutters are the (Tinkertech Two?).
    Hugs Anja

  19. Dang! This is what I miss when I forget to check your site…a PDF giveaway and a beautiful white chocolate fondant cake. That looks simply fantastic, and I bet it tastes great, even IF it’s a dummy cake.


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